The Photo of the month contest is back!

This months topic will be "Acropora"

Yes my favorite coral and i know some of you are very proud of yours also. So lets see them! This contest will focus on a single piece. Some of you have full blown SPS tanks and we don't want to show off your whole tank just yet so lets concentrate on one special colony or frag.

The goal is to participate in this great community and practice your skills. Whether you are showing your best corals or simply learning to post pictures, you are all welcome to try.

PRIZE: The winner will get a free SCR shirt. The winner will also get their photo on the homepage for everyone to see have have the bragging rights as the best.

Here is how it works:
Each member can submit ONE photo entry into the POTM contest.
The photo must be one that you have taken. No pulling pictures from other forums, websites, etc.
Submit your photo right here onto this thread for participation.
There must be more than 1 entry in order for it to be a contest.
All entries will then be placed into a poll.
Photos can be submitted from now until the 25th.
After DEC 25th, a poll will go up and everyone on the forum can decide the winner.

The winner will be featured on the homepage for the month of January. Good luck to all of you.