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    Default Starfish question. New tank upgrade

    Hey fellas,

    So I finally decided to get a nuvo fusion 25 lagoon! Im upgrading from a 10 gallon nano so im really excited!

    Im planning on taking it slow and gonna cycle the new tank first for about a month (hopefully 2 months to stabilize things more) before I transfer anything over.

    The following livestock are in my tank: lps, zoas, easy sps corals, 3 astrea snails, fighting conch, 1 clown fish, striped serpent star, linkia multiflora starfish, and a red fromia starfish.

    So my current 10 gallon has been running for a little over a year now and things are looking great! all my corals show signs of growth and haven't encountered any issues other than the usual aptasia ( which I kill with the red sea aptasiaX everytime I see them)

    So I generally know what to do when I upgrade my tank because 12 years ago, I had a 70 gallon sps tank that I had to downgrade to a 30 because of space issues at the apartment I was moving to. Fast forward today, I am doing another tank change except it's an upgrade from a 10 gallon nano to a 25 tank.

    OKay... okay... im getting to the point of my question! lol!
    So my main concern is about the two starfish I have..
    1. linkia multiflora starfish
    2. red fromia starfish
    My buddy gave these stars to me about 3 months ago because he was getting out of the hobby. In know... I know... the fromia star will starve in my tank... but hey, it was given to me for freee, and I believe multifora star does well in general. They're both doing excellent. Both are very active and don't show any signs necrosis or anything bad... at least from what I can tell for the past 3 months..
    So again, getting to the point.. im worried about them when I transfer everything over to the new tank after I cycle it. I do believe they need to be in a mature system that is at least 9 months old or so, and my wife will not allow me to have both tanks running for more than 6 months until the 25 gallon is ready for a starfish. So what should I do?? If I transfer all my live rock, and most of my old water into the 25 after it cycles, will my stars be okay? I assume they may be allright since the 25 tank will be cycled and will include all my rocks plus more that I will cycle before I place them in there. (ill be cycling walt smiths dry reefrock 2.0 to include more rock for the 25 upgrade. )

    If anyone has any thoughts, please chime in! Thanks in advance fellas!


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    I have three multiflora in a 40 gallon. All are surviving well but I believe it's because my rock has a ton of biodiversity. If you keep the old rock you should be fine...

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