Mother's Day Weekend Sale

Saturday 5/13/17: 10am-730pm ONLY
***Reminder we are closed Sunday 5/14/17 (to celebrate the mothers in our lives)***

20% off:
*SPS frags - reg. $10-$20
*Zoa & Paly Frags reg. $10-$60
*Hammer/Torch/Fogspawn/Octospawn frags reg. $18-$25
*Acan Frags
*All in stock fish


10% off:
*Zoa Colonies
*Acan Colonies
*Euphyllia Colonies
*Maricultured SPS Colonies reg. $25-$35
*PolypLab Products (makers of Reef Roids)
*Reef Nutrition: Phyto-feast, Oyster-feast, Tigger Pods, Roti-feast, R.O.E., and Arti-Pods
*Jebao Powerheads

*Pulsing Xenia $3/Stalk
*$5 & $10 frag sections: Buy 4, Get 1 FREE
*Frag Pack Section: $13 or 4/$40
(And $5 for 1lb Spirulina/Brine/Mysis Frozen food solid block sheet)

Happy Mothers Day to all the hard working mothers!