We're starting this new year off with an Epic WYSIWYG Acropora Update!

Over 20 High End Collector Acropora are now on the site, many of these are limited release and wont last long.

This is just a list of some of the epicness that is in this update.

Jason Fox Homewrecker Acropora, Walt Disney Acropora, WWC Culture Shocker Acropora, WWC Papa Smurf Acropora, WWC 500 Degree Acropora
PC Rainbow Acropora, WWC Hippie Juice Acropora, WWC Green Goblin Stylophora, WWC Cobalt Tenuis Acropora, WWC Snowdrop Acropora, CB Pink Tip Acropora, Tyree Pink Lemonade Acropora, Frag Farmer Red Robin Acropora, WWC Hyper Pink Acropora, WWC Jolopeno Acropora, WWC Nuclear Grapes Acropora, ORA Pearlberry Acropora, Tyree Pink Duster Acropora, WWC Chargeback Acropora, Ari's Avalanche Acropora.

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Daylight Photos

Actinic Photos

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