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    Cool Meet Ellis Aquatics Friend: Wally "the Mohawk" Hammer - (He needs your help)

    Meet Ellis Aquatics’ friend.
    His name is:

    Wally “the Mohawk” Hammer

    He is currently homeless. Looking for a new place to stay.
    Do you want to give him a new home? Come in and check him out.

    He has a growth on his head of a
    6”+ Australian Toxic Splatter Wall Hammer.
    Professionals say they “can” remove it,
    but everyone thinks he just looks way too cool with it.
    What do you think?

    $180 adoption fee

    Ellis Aquatics
    the HIGHEST Quality, the LOWEST Prices

    See you soon...
    Follow on instagram @ellisaquatics


    180g (96x36x12) zoa/paly/acan frag tank: 3 kessil 360we, 4 - 2x54w t5/led combos, 180g custom sump (72x24x24), curve 9 skimmer

    180g (96x36x12) sps/lps/clam frag tank: (2) Ecotech Radion Gen 3 Pro, (2) AI Hydra 52s, 180g custom sump (72x24x24), curve 9 skimmer

    150g fish system (48x15x96) 7 section (6-10g and 1-33g section), 5x current usa true lumen led lights

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