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    Weeping Willow Style Toadstool Leather

    Coral has been sold. Thanks for looking
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    Weeping Willow Style Toadstool Leather

    Hey guys, I'm getting rid of my neon green weeping willow style toadstool leather. Its about 5-6 inches across and has long tentacles that get to be about 2-4 inches long. Grew it from a one inch frag for about 7 months now. I love the piece but now it's gotten too big for my nano tank and it's...
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    LPS Dying

    Same thing here. All LPS are slowly receding tissue and dying. I'm starting to lean towards some type of bacterial infection. Tried to dip them but it only seems to slow it down
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    Berghia nudibranch

    I would like to to get two of the 1/4 inch
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    Utter chaos 8+ polyp

    PM sent