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    Smite's UNS 75g Peninsula

    Ahhh I see. I thought maybe you were just changing out the mesh or something. But you full cut out all the acrylic. Definitely want a mesh or screen. Thanks for the insights I had never heard of octo lids they look really nice. My needs are pretty simple with an external overflow and hanging...
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    Green Sinularia & Zoa Rocks

    Carson, 90745
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    Smite's UNS 75g Peninsula

    Totally OT sorry. Was reading back through your build and I was curious to know what exactly you modified from the original AA top and do you like it now? How are they priced in comparison to some of the others you looked at if you don’t mind me asking? I liked working with them on my sump and...
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    Green Sinularia & Zoa Rocks

    Couple of pieces not making the cut on the transfer to my new tank. Fairly large green sinularia, I’d say 10-12” tall x 4/5” wide. Just the regular green but still nice. $40 Zoa rocks with a little pulsing Xenia. Great to fill space so your not looking at empty tank when you first start...
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    Nuvo 30L EXT Build

    Got the majority of the coral transferred, everything seems to be doing well. Hammers are still in the old tank with my clown pair adding them last to try and diffuse their aggression. Got the sump plumbing finished up as well and some of the cables wrangled. Thinking about adding a controller...
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    eMac909’s 150

    Nice man!
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    o2manyfish - Emergency Swapping the 400g to a 560g - videos

    Beautiful tank! Those yellow tangs sure are eye catching.
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    mattzang's IM 100 EXT

    Nice! Looks like you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kudos to you for not being totally frustrated, sounds like it’s been a long run.
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    WTB: AI Prime Fuge

    Looking for a prime Fuge in the Southbay / OC. Thanks, Ben
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    Smite's UNS 75g Peninsula

    Sweet! Functionality is key, right. It’s cool when it looks nice but a pain when you have to add or remove something, I know. Somewhere right in the middle is where I’m at not gunna burn my house down but don’t need a wiring diagram :p
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    Smite's UNS 75g Peninsula

    Looking good man! I want to see sump shots too.
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    BRS $10 Off Coupons

    Use these before I spend anymore money ... Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Need help with lighting ai primes

    I also run a modified version of the David Saxby downloadable schedule. Turned up the whites a bit. LPS do great under it.
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    Acceptable Regular Temp Swing

    @BeanMachine yeah that makes sense. Thanks for the input. @bvysochin thats definitely a little comforting to hear. In context to my tank size and a 1 degree swing.
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    Acceptable Regular Temp Swing

    Cool thanks. My “regular” (built in thermostat) heater keeps tighter params then that. I understand you wouldn’t want it too tight but would be nice if they allowed for at least .5 degree window.