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    Caribsea Hawaiian Black Aquarium Gravel Live Sand

    The new result showed that nickel and molybedium have been dramatically reduced. I've had a bunch of SPS growing for 2 months now (they used to die within 2 days). So I like to think the ceramic block had something to do with the contaminants. I've just sent in another ICP test. So let's see if...
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    Squamosa or Derasa?

    This 5" clam was sold to me as a Squamosa. But it looks more like a Derasa, no?
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    Filter Socks question......

    My tank is 125 gallons. The rollermat is kinda big and so I plumped everything to the side of the tank instead of under the cabinet. Be extra careful when plumbing for the rollermat since I made the mistake of having it be the main recipient of the drain from the tank. As I increase flow in the...
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    Marine Depot Group Buy - A SoCaliReefs Exclusive!

    I'll be shopping. Thanks again.
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    Dendro FS/FT

    I have a few dendros I don't mind trading for SPS too
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    Filter Socks question......

    I switched to using the RollerMat since i hated cleaning the filter socks. But then after a few months I realized detritus was building up in the RollerMat as well. The good news is that even with the detritus my nitrate is still under 2ppm.
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    Caribsea Hawaiian Black Aquarium Gravel Live Sand

    I read on a couple of threads that some contaminants come from ceramics like MarinePure (once it has soaked up the contaminants to begin with). So I've recently removed that block from my sump and is waiting for new results from ATI ICP test.
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    Maxima Clam 4-5 in.$68 ea.

    do you guys have any large Derasa or Squamosa clams in stock?
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    Recent shipment!

    do you guys have any large Derasa or Squamosa clams in stock?
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    Coral gazers new shipment

    great thanks. I called today for a Derasa clam and they have two small ones available. I'll be stopping by.
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    Caribsea Hawaiian Black Aquarium Gravel Live Sand

    I thought them being magnetized was the cause of my heavy metals and vanadium issue. But even after removing them from the tank, the Triton test still showed the same high levels of aluminum, lead, zinc and vanadium.
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    Coral haul

    nice. What's the name of the first frag from the left and second frag from the right side?
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    Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

    I stopped running an ATS scrubber since I still had algae growing all over the rocks in the display tank. Furthermore, I read on other forums that such a high concentration of algae in an area means they're releasing spores back into the water and that may lead to algae blooms in the display...
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    Dave from San Diego

    So how many "real" posts do I need to be able to create a thread under marketplace?
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    Dave from San Diego

    LOL. Thank you for noticing. I don't have anything to sell at this point...but there's been times in the past that I wish I could post a new thread! Since I travel up to Orange County on every weekend, I might as well make this forum my local base (along with San Diego). lol