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    FREE 6 month old 32 gallon led biocube and stand

    Wow that’s very nice of you
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    Please delete

    Please delete
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    Selling 2”” TSA Mardi Gras bounce mashroom

    that was fast! good deal!
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    FS: Corals

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    LF- LPS Torches, Hammers, Frogspawns etc

    Hello, Looking to stock my tank with LPS - torches, frogspawns, hammers, etc! must be pest free. Orange County preferred. please pm me with prices!
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    !!!Ellis Aquatics!!! 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE: McCoskers Flasher Wrasse $12

    Ooooh! I want one but I won't be able to make it before you close on the weekdays!
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    edit - meant to be a pm

    edit - meant to be a pm
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    Utter Chaos & RC Mango Margarita Polyps

    You probably missed the line - "Pick up will be in Santa Ana in OC. Cash only." ha, i sometimes read too fast too.
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    Rainbow bubble tip anemones

    I'm interested, but I am in Anaheim. Anybody ln orange county willing to pick up for me and I'll split gas?
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    LF: Helfrichi Firefish!

    Thanks everybody for their help. I was actually looking for a settled one in a tank. I got one a few years ago from a fish store and it didn't make it past a few days.
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    LF: Helfrichi Firefish!

    Hello Socalireefs. If anybody has a helfrichi available for sale, please contact me. Looking for a local deal, orange county. Thanks! -william
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    Feeler: 2003 BMW M3 SMG, Topaz Blue, 47k miles

    Seen the car countless times. A true collectors item in mint condition. So hard to find such a low mileage gem. Can't believe you are selling
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    4 head rasta $30 2 head rasta $20

    Great guy thanks again! Hope your new build turns out great.