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    Best Quiet return pump is?

    Has anyone tried the Jebao DC return pumps? Wonder how good and quiet they are?
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    Anyone have SC Aquariums?

    Heres the review of the Your Choice Aquatics DC16 against SCA301 skimmer:.
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    Your Choice Aquatics DC16 Skimmer

    For you guys that have a small sump area and want to upgrade to a monster skimmer. I upgraded to a SCA Aquarium 50 Gallon PnP tank that came with stand, tank, sump, skimmer, and return pump. Its a great plug and play setup and works really well. The sump is nice but small being that the 50G...
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    Anyone have SC Aquariums?

    I have the SCA 50 gallon cube. Great tank and setup. The skimmer is OK and I just upgraded to a monster DC16 skimmer. Ill do a review as it is a great skimmer and blows the SCA301 out of the water.
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    FS- Hamilton MH 250W 14K bulbs - mogul socket

    I have two used MH Hamilton 250W 14K bulbs for sale. Used for about 4-5 months for only 4 hours/day. Still have alot of life left. I bought it them new and still have the receipt to verify the dates. So I can prove that they are how old they are. $50.00 both Located in Corona/Ontario, CA
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    FS - Alot of Equipment - getting out of hobby

    EQUIPMENT: 180 Gallon Acrylic Tank with Black base and canopy and 60 gallon sump (plumbed perfectly) - $800 Gen X HP55 high flow return pump - $100 ASM G4X - with NEW Sedra 9000 wheel and magnet - $300 Icecap 660 VHO Ballast with 2 VHO lights and Ends - $130 Vectron 25 UV Sterlizer - $70...
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    FS - Fishes and Live Rocks and HUGE Leather Coral

    Hi, With my work schedule going out of control, I will be getting out of the hobby. FISH: ** All my fishes are HEALTHY and been with me for YEARS ** Gold Stripe Maroon Clown 2" - $20 Niger Trigger ** REEF SAFE ** 2-3" - $30 Vlamingii Tang 5" (eats from my hand) - $50 Black Sea Urchin Long...
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    WTB - Sedra 9000 or similar skimmer pump

    anyone have a sedra 9000 or similar skimmer pump for my ASM G4X?