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    FS: Pink Diamond Zoas

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    [Help] Too much light?

    I don't think there's too much light at all. I would just give them a few weeks to settle in, but from what I can see from your pics they don't look unhappy enough to move them down. Zoas can handle a wide range of par and thrive.
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    What did you do to your tank today?

    Cleaned glass, fed fish, dosed aminos. Also ordered a second fan. Was getting a temp fluctuation. :/
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    what would you pay for an ecelectus mushroom?

    350-400 not 800...
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    Flower pot coral growth?

    Dude I've had a goni for like 8 months and I feel like it hasn't grown at all! I guess that's why some of the nicer have a healthy price tag?
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    I think i just discovered i have a hitchhiking bounce mushroom!!!!

    LOL. Nice score man. Grow it out and see how it turns out ;)
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    Rodi system

    BRS 4 stage and if you feel like that isn't good enough you can upgrade it to a 5 stage for like $20 in the future.
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    Zoa id please

    Those are cool! Any for sale?
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    Coral placement advise

    A good rule of thumb is to place any new coral on the sand bed and move it up a bit every few weeks to slowly acclimate it to your type of lighting. I lost a ton of corals when I first started from placing it too high or moving them too frequently.
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    Giving up

    Keep your head up brother! Its not an easy hobby, but with some slow well thought out changes you got this! If you ever have any specific questions dont hesitate to ask me as well.
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    Looking to start my first reef tank!

    Mushrooms and clownfish are pretty good starters for any tank. Make sure you give your tank 2 months to cycle before adding corals. Also, run GFO or an algae reactor to control phosphates/nitrates.
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    Taking out live rock

    It should be fine. I would let your marine pure settle in for a few weeks then pull the rocks out. Just take your time and everything should be good.