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    St. Patrick's Day FTS - Let's see em

    I love Torches! Didn't even know they had that many kinds of variation. Beautiful.
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    What is your secret? Those corals are insane. Love the tank. What kind of sand is that? Nice to see sand in tanks as a lot of people run bare bottom now.
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    St. Patrick's Day FTS - Let's see em

    All these tanks look so good. Need to find their build thread and enjoy reading what is being done.
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    Chula Vista 300

    Need more info about that stand and canopy! It’s beautiful. CDA did that?
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    GlennF's 300 gallon mixed reef.

    If you don’t use Calcium reactor, how many liters of 2 part are you dosing per week? What is the size container you use?
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    Planning Long Slow Road Back to Hobby

    I’m going to these coral shows hoping to find a tank or see some lighting setups, and my jaw dropped when they told me the prices of various corals. Now I’m thinking how in the world am I going to fill a big tank? LOL. My son loved going to see the corals at the show though.
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    West Coast Coral Show in Santa Ana

    Basically, just coral frags. I was hoping to see some tank manufacturer's and lighting vendors, but there were none.
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    Marine Velvet aftermath

    Can velvet just appear without adding anything in 6 months?
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    Planning Long Slow Road Back to Hobby

    Wow...A year? Geez, I didn't think it was that crazy. I guess everyone is stuck at home and have plenty of money to spend.
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    Need help loading tank in city of Orange

    Sorry, didn't see this until now. Nice tank though.
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    Planning Long Slow Road Back to Hobby

    Thanks! Definitely need some help and guidance when I decide to get the tank. I want to keep it really clean, but not sure if I can pull it off. I do want to see other people's lights and setup before I make a decision. I'm leaning towards a 60x30x24 tank from CDA. I don't think I'll have...
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    Planning Long Slow Road Back to Hobby

    I had an electrician add in two new dedicated 20A breakers to my electrical panel, and put in a new outlet on the wall as well. So the space is ready for a tank. So now is the decision on a tank. I haven’t ordered a tank yet because reefs are a big money and time commitment. Going to wait...
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    Smite's UNS 75g Peninsula

    Tank is looking good. It appears way bigger than a 75g.
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    Planning Long Slow Road Back to Hobby

    The smaller one has background of bark. The larger one has background of sphagnum moss sandwiched between wire mesh. Both cabinets are sealed as much as possible to keep humidity in. Lights, circulation fans, and water fountain are all on timers. Very similar to reef tank, need to maintain...
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    Planning Long Slow Road Back to Hobby

    Here are my wife’s greenhouse/terrarium. No frogs or lizards because she is scared of reptiles. She loves plants.