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    SCR looking for its next featured Nano

    picture came out really purpley but is blue
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    New Project - 90g Peninsula Build

    thanks, i just ordered this sump: I wanted the 7 inch filter sock holders but this one was a good price and I don't plan on running socks that much. I want to use a roller I also ordered a jebao DCT-12000 for the return ready to do some water testing this weekend
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    Best LFS for plumbing parts (bulkheads, loc-line, etc)

    What is the best shop around for plumbing parts? OC preferred if possible
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    New Project - 90g Peninsula Build

    I’ve been on the hunt for a peninsula tank for about a year and planning to upgrade. Just picked up the tank and stand. Tank is 48x24x18. Anyone have any recommendations for a good sump/skimmer? I want the sump to have a refugium section. I think I want to do a calcium reactor also. The...
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    LF: Seapora/Deep Blue Rimless 80g

    Looking for one of the Seapora/Deep Blue Rimless 80g reef ready if anyone has one or knows a LFS that stocks or can order seapora. Thanks
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    Anemone help

    the size changes a lot during transport for BTAs. should be similar size after acclimating to your tank. the coloration looks the same
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    Looking for a Hanna checker for Nitrate

    aren't we all
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    Tank break down

    interested in the candy cane for $80. text sent
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    Orange or Black Storm Clownfish

    Anyone see a LFS in OC or LA with black or orange storms in stock? Coronavirus got my female yesterday. Thanks
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    West Coast Coral Show

    well it was only $5. sucks for the vendors who paid more im sure
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    Robo-Tank DIY Aquarium Controller(kickstarter)

    this is definitely cool but i would be concerned about reliability. wouldn't want to be the guinea pig
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    West Coast Coral Show

    wish I could go but will probably have to work
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    Midas blenny

    I went there a few weeks ago during opening hours and nobody was home. Luckily reeflounge isn't too far
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    Midas blenny

    Looking for a Midas blenny. Anyone see any local shops that have them in stock? Orange and LA county Thanks
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    Yellow Torches

    aussie or indo?