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    Sherman Rose

    Tank looks amazing!!
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    For Sale : Xenia FREE

    I have the worst luck with xenia. Would love to find a strain that will flourish in my tank. LOL
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    FS: Flower nems pico set up

    Cool tank! GLWS!
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    Shutting down frag tank

    Lemme guess... OG Orange Crush Echinata?
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    Orange Florida rics colony fs

    So tempted!!
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    Zoas for Sale in OC | SpongeBob | Pink Zippers | Purple People Eaters

    Not sure if those are PPEs or Jokers but they look beautiful. Will reach out to you if I ever head down to Fullerton.
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    Rainbow Yumas and Shrooms FS!!!

    Beautiful!! GLWS!!
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    ORA Pre-Order Sale - Fish and Coral

    It would be killer if you can double check. I took a quick gander on their site and some show blue and greenish teal around the rim of the mantles in their photos. However, I trust your ORA purchase experience more than their website. I'm sure you've ordered plenty of them in the past and have...
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    ORA Pre-Order Sale - Fish and Coral

    How realistic would it be to request a Squamosa clam with either a teal green or blue rim? If you think they can fulfill that request, please put me down for one at $29. Thanks!
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    ORA Pre-Order Sale - Fish and Coral

    Any idea how big the Squamosa clams are?
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    Dirt cheap sick LPS colonies in OC

    Darn it. I wish I had the space!! Always great deals with Miguel.
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    $10 frags over a 100 frags to choose from

    He's lazy!! LOL Bump for a good dude. BTW, I shoulda went to In N Out with you, @dendrodude. My Thai spot was closed when I got there.
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    Pair Black & White Clown

    Great deal! Wish it was just the female you were selling. GLWS!
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    F/S: Sweeet LPS & Softy pack

    Awesome pack! Also love the green octospawn and PPE.