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    Frozen fish food? Do you drain?

    I don’t rinse either.
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    FS: Purple Tang

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    Free of course.
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    I have some. Riverside near the 15/91 interchange
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    DIY screen covers

    You can get clips similar to these. I bought some years ago for a 1/2” rimless tank. I think off of eBay.
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    Utter Chaos problem

    Start with telling us your parameters.
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    Golden rhomboid wrasse fs

    Never can have too many wrasses. I’m out of the running on these. Hope they do well for their new owner.
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    Custom Shallow LPS build

    Stand looks really nice.
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    Custom Shallow LPS build
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    I need help moving my tank Saturday 1/13/19

    I’m in. Shouldn’t make too much difference.
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    XLg Show Male Naso

    What size tank is he currently in?
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    Smite's 180g MODE

    Matt. Did you get the carx from zac in canyon lake? Looks like my old unit. Shouldn’t have ever sold that one. Haha. Build looks great. Really really clean.