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    How many A.I. prime hd do I need

    I think BRS has a nice video using Primes on larger tanks. Maybe start there.
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    CB Sunkist Bounce / Interstellar Shroom

    Interstellar sold. Thanks for the interest
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    Zoa Id

    Maybe Mochican Sun? Hard to tell.
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    CB Sunkist Bounce / Interstellar Shroom

    CB Sunkist Bounce. A little bigger than a quarter when fully open. $120 Interstellar Shroom. Little smaller than a half dollar. $50 Pick up in 92505. PM with questions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Frozen fish food? Do you drain?

    I don’t rinse either.
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    FS: Purple Tang

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    Free of course.
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    I have some. Riverside near the 15/91 interchange
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    DIY screen covers

    You can get clips similar to these. I bought some years ago for a 1/2” rimless tank. I think off of eBay.
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    Utter Chaos problem

    Start with telling us your parameters.
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    Golden rhomboid wrasse fs

    Never can have too many wrasses. I’m out of the running on these. Hope they do well for their new owner.