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    For sale AI Prime HD

    Selling two lights not the new 16s but the older model that are WiFi and not bluetooth. Each is about a year and a half old. Asking $165 each or $300 together. 92869 Orange
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    Some Zoas, leather coral, and monti

    Is it 5 per polyp or 5 for the whole plug?
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    For sale torches

    All gone
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    For sale torches

    Selling my last four torches I have, getting out of the torch game and I already sold my other high end torches only have these four left. Green Mouth blue tentacles and purple tips $125 Basic purple with green tips $50 Aqua green tentacle and yellow tips (a bit bleached)$125 Teal mouth with...
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    Catalina Goby

    He's in an acclimation box
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    Catalina Goby

    I bought this little dude but I didn't realize it needs cold water 65-75 degrees and I run my tanks much hotter than that. Don't want him to die in my tank so I'm selling for $25. He already eats pretty much everything. 92869 area
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    Yellow tang

    I saw some at Seaside and two of them at Coral Gazers on Saturday
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    Cornbread corals....

    I've always had good success with Unique and Aqua SD. My orange hammer died on the 7th day and Unique gave me back my money for it and I purchased an even bigger orange hammer, great experience with them
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    We are going to have a soft opening

    About a 30 minute drive, do you mind if I stop by just to look at what you guys have? Or would I need to buy something that day 🤔
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    We are going to have a soft opening

    Doesn't mean the store will open in the OC, they could open elsewhere
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    We are going to have a soft opening

    Was thinking the exact same thing
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    90 Gallon 48 x 18 x 24

    Have this tank for sale, I have it at Coral Gazers because I dont have space for it at home. The right panel is cracked but everything else is in great condition. The tank is at the store in Tustin but I can take it to my place if you are serious about buying it. Asking $400 but price is negotiable
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    Branching Reverse Frogspawn

    I have two different frogspawn frags available, both are tank raised and have begun to sprout babies on the side of them. There is a two headed one for $110 and a three headed one for $130. 92869