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    Acros, Ponape, Stylophora, zoas and palys

    Mid level and under T5's. Both have tripled in size since January.
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    Acros, Ponape, Stylophora, zoas and palys

    The blue Stylo's I picked up from you back in January are doing well. Fast growers also. Thanks.
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    FS Tanzanite Terror SPS Frags

    Got any zoa frags for sale??? LOL.
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    E.a. ***new sticks!*** 8.18.14

    Nice meeting you this afternoon Jayson. Thanks for the Acro and Acan frags.
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    Purple acropora $15

    Thanks for the Nana frag Nick. Great color.
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    Baby blue stags for sale, accidental large frags.

    Thanks for the frags Esteban. I hope you get your salinity issue corrected soon.
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    Nice clown Daniel.
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    FS: Acrylic Tube Holder

    I could use a tube holder. I sent you a pm.
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    Designer Clown Fish

    The two are acclimating well to their new home. Thanks Ed.
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    Fs: Corals

    Daniel-san, Save me a Nuclear Sunset and Rainbow. I'll drop by tomorrow and pick them up. Thanks, Mark
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    4 adult berghia for sale

    It was nice talking to you this afternoon. Thanks for the Berghias and the free delivery.
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    getting out of hobby sale... v.235786527039458

    Thanks for the paly frags.
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    Large Frags will soon be available

    Thanks for the great deals. You have great looking display tank.