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    SOLANA 34 AIO Tank for Sale..

    Like the title says Im selling off my Solana tank. Included is the Tank of course, it comes the stock skimmer, return pump, Disco ball MH with 14k phoenix bulb (this should be replace) black stand and glass lid. Price is $460 FIRM Im located in 93030, LMK if your interested. -thanks for...
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    Misc Equipment for Sale

    Interested on the ATO will you ship? BTW YGAPM
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    ultra brains hammers ausi acan lords true perc PNG pairs and more

    wow! they sure are big and would look bigger in my lil tank, I'll have to pass. Im looking for just one tho. But I'll be on the look out for the pics of the "tons of exotic zoa frags"
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    ultra brains hammers ausi acan lords true perc PNG pairs and more

    Hey there, what is the price on the true perc, is it just one?
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    Couple of candy apple red frags..pickup in SGV

    Why would all the good looking stuff has to be far :(
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    Hareliquin Shrimp

    The best, and most accurate method is by getting a look under their abdomens. The male's abdomen will be clear or yellowish in color, lacking any blue spots. The female will have obvious blue spots under her abdomen and usually the very telling egg mass as well. note** Info and pics are from...
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    Hareliquin Shrimp

    Man I wish you were closer I've been looking for one for my male HS. :(
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    For Sale...

    I have up for sale a 24 gallon Nano Cube comes with S shape stand for 200 bucks. LMK if you are interested on it. Light on the hood is stock PCs. here are some pics of it. Thanks for looking.
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    Rainbow Acans.

    Number 4 is nice, too bad, I was down there on Sat. :(
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    SpS and frag racks fs pt2

    Just wondering if you know how much shipping to 93030 would be? thanx Can I get your address and Phone# I might be in LA tomorrow I'll give a call if Im around?
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    SpS and frag racks fs pt2

    Where are you located? interested on the bonsai.
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    CPR 2 Backpack Skimmer

    price, location?