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    Downsizing Dry goods

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    Downsizing Dry goods

    Trying to make some room, in Oceanside. offers welcome, no trades please. Also willing to ship certain items for cost of shipping. Radion XR30 G3 Pro x2 $550 Includes Reeflink and rms slides mounted on a piece of 80/20 rail COR20 $250 Wide lens kit for G3/G4 radions $20each (have 2 sets)...
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    Xr15 pro

    Keep your eyes and ears open, beware of scammers y’all [emoji2017] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Xr15 pro

    Wtb g5 xr15 pro or blue, lmk what you have, thanks! Found one thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    55g tank

    55g reef tank for sale 36x22x16” All glass eurobraced aquarium with right corner overflow. Black plywood cabinet with floating black wood canopy. Tank is not in perfect condition, does have some scratches across front of glass. 1 hole drilled on right side of cabinet where frag tank was...
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    Nano Reefer Role Call

    Nuvo 20g, 3 months since the downgrade.
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    Leak Test

    I would just use rodi, then you don’t have to waste a bunch of tap water, especially if it’s a pretty large system.
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    Black widow nem

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    Black widow nem

    Massive 8”+ black widow bubble tip anemone. In Oceanside, sold Terrible photo,working on better one. Color difference between rainbow nem
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    Looking for a AI Prime light or a Kessil

    I have an AI Prime 16hd with flex arm mount and 3d reefing diffuser for sale, I’m in Oceanside.
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    IM Lagoon 50

    Since you already have 1 ai prime, might as well get another and you’d be set for whichever tank you decide to get. Used ai primes are for sale pretty often on here and other forums. The China black box led would work also, I used one for quite a while, but they have minimal control,(only a blue...
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    Need a custom acrylic tank. Recommendations?

    There’s Crystal dynamics in Oceanside, If you want glass
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    Need a custom acrylic tank. Recommendations?

    3rd for advanced acrylics I got my sump and frag tank from him, great stuff!
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    She gone!

    Awesome and Good luck! Unless you have access to a large tile saw, masonry chisel and hammer would be the best option to get the most precise pieces, but dropping it or wrapping it in a towel and a few sledge hammer smacks would be quicker. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    TSA Mardigras Baby Bounce Grow-out

    Sweet! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk