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    Bubble algae

    Emerald crabs. Might take a few different crabs, but they will eventually go for it.
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    300g rubermaid tub pond

    I found that MFC's has great recommendations for shark care.
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    eMac's 300 Peninsula iso2.0

    I love the new set up Eric. Looks really nice, I love what you did with the canopy. Good sh!t brotha.
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    For Sale: SPS & Montis!

    What you see is what you get.
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    Red Digi sps frags cheap

    Mods please close.
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    Red Digi sps frags cheap

    5 frags still available. Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday.
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    Red Digi sps frags cheap

    4 frags pending.
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    Red Digi sps frags cheap

    I acquired more high end sps so this guy has to go. This was my first "tester" piece. Frags will be cut to order. $5 single branches 2-3 inches. At least 5 frags to be cut. Pick up in Irvine 92604. Trades welcome, looking for mushrooms.
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    ID these shrooms.

    I believe they call those goose bump mushrooms.
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    New to Reefing

    Welcome! Looking good so far. I would remove that glass scrapper until you need it, so it doesn't rust into your tank.
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    Noah's 20g Office Tank

    Looks great Noah, where did you get those scolys?
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    Male Lineatus Wrasse and more Hawaiian Flames

    You joined souther California reefs. What did you expect?..
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    You guys going to be hating on me

    Oh no doubt. I need to come out that way more often, just for the food!
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    You guys going to be hating on me

    Thanks for the corals Eric. P and G was the ****!
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    New tank with older tank water and filtration. Help

    Then go take a sample to your LFS and check your parameters. The numbers can't lie.