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    Dwarf Zebra Lionfish

    saw this little guy at Sand Bar in Mission Viejo. A few weeks ago, not sure if he’s still there.
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    Anyone have a 55g brute for sale or i can borrow for 1 day to move my fish tank?

    I have a 44 gallon brute. With lid and wheels. Brand new. Free if you want to pick up in San Clemente.
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    Fundraising and Auction for COVID-19 Cause! Bid for a good cause!

    Haven’t seen any bets yet. I think the starting price was $200?
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    Free corals

    Thank you for letting us invade your home and cut up your amazing corals. Once these mini colonies grow out I’ll definitely be paying it forward. Here is a terrible iPhone photo under blues.
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    Help mushroom?

    Looks like some sort of rhodactics.
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    FREE Blue Damsel

    Healthy little guy, needs a new home. FCFS pick up in Irvine 92604. Available until tonight, if no one wants him he'll go back to the LFS.
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    Free Xenia

    Xenia gone. Mods please close.
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    Free Xenia

    Only Xenia. That picture was for references.
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    Free Xenia

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    Free Xenia

    1 small rock with 6 stalks of pink pulsing Xenia. Free to whom ever wants it. Pick up in Irvine 92604.
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    For Sale - 2 Jebao RW-4

    Mods please close
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    For Sale - 2 Jebao RW-4

    Pending pick up.
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    For Sale - 2 Jebao RW-4

    Selling two Jebao RW4. Used for 6 months. Clean and quite. $20 each. FCFS.
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    WTB. Large Tank

    Pm sent!