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    Dylan's 120 Gallon Reef

    Has this thing been elected as tank of the month or whatever contest is going on now?
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    How much did……

    For just under 40 gallons. Hovering around $800 all in with nothing of brand. Good brand anyway. 8 fish and just as many coral. Crazy as it sounds, my last 90 gallon setup I think was maybe $1000 total and had a tank full of more coral to count and fish I’d need two sets of hands to count and...
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    Is free Amazon frog bit fresh water floating plant

    Minus the Hotwire because of raccoons its okay. Have swordtails, mollie, platies, and some platinum guppies in there.
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    Not mine, on Offer Up

    Bubble Magus Filter Roller Newer 1st gen $130 Last updated 5 days ago in Artesia, CA Condition: New Pet supplies - Other - Pet supplies
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    Aqua Remora. One of the top best skimmers in my opinion still to date. What got me started in my own reefing history. Came with a tank I bought not knowing what it was or how it worked. Never saw a filter like it, researched it and convinced me to try saltwater instead of setting tank up the as...
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    Toadstool shedding

    Yeah. Interesting all the different results of time in my research before posting thread. Thought I’d bring home to the local site. Just received a couple more pumps yesterday to add flow. Forgot to check the carbon. Opens and closes for lack of better terms on a daily/hourly basis.
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    Is free Amazon frog bit fresh water floating plant

    Thanks. That one bag was plenty for both my little features.
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    Amphipod Obsession

    Not sure if it would or not. I have no light on it nor is it air tight as the guy that does “Life in Jars”. It gets diffused light in the after noon till sunset through opaque windows in my garage. I do have Asterna stars in my tank I see once in a while. I can try some Xenia. It’s very very low...
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    All those Zoas attached to that rock or can be separated without too much damage?
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    Amphipod Obsession

    Just set this up a week ago using water change water and dipped the sock in it. My kids old desktop frog setup. No sand which I really think I need to add. Just the rock from my sump that I replaced with Chaeto. I’ll dip this weeks filter sock in it as well. Mentioned in a post not long ago...
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    Red Sea stand?
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    Red Sea Stand?
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    Majano wand mistake

    Lime juice and hypodermic needle. Fast and simple. 3-5 minutes per polyp seems like a very long time.
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    Coral for Sale

    What are you cross streets again? Want to call you Dan. Is that correct?
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    Planning Long Slow Road Back to Hobby

    I’m back in unwillingly. Came across some deals. Stared at it, put it up for sale for what I paid. Actually less I believe. No one wanted to buy it yet all the comments of a great deal and how they need a quarantine tank. There were more set it up posts than not. I’ve always been the used...