Aquatica opened in August 2012 through the vision of owner Dave West. While in college at BYU studying to get his Construction Management degree, Dave would take time from studying by caring for his saltwater aquarium that his wife Sarah gave as a present. He would visit the LFS often and became good friends with everyone at the store. He learned some of the mechanics of running a LFS and the idea of opening a LFS came to mind. Sarah, a native of San Diego County, learned of a partnership possibility in a LFS. So Dave and Sarah came to San Diego to explore the partnership avenue.  Fortunately, that partnership did not work out and Dave decided to open a LFS in San Marcos, Ca. in North San Diego County. Aquatica came to fruition. 

Aquatica offers what most LFS offers such as drygoods, rare saltwater fish and coral, RODI, saltwater mix (1.025), customs aquariums, protein skimmers, sumps, maintenance services etc. Dave wanted the look of the store to be unique in the floor plan, design and color.  When customers come in, the store will appeal to the sight, sounds, and smell of a modern LFS. Because of the design of the store, the color and beauty of the livestock pop. The store's display tanks are completely illuminated by LEDs (the majority being Radions by Ecotech).

 All the systems are UV sterilized (By Aqua Ultraviolet). There is also an in house quarantine system for fish. Dave wants Aquatica to be synonymous with the words honesty, excellence, and integrity. He continually discusses the most recent advances in technology and husbandry of livestock with all the major suppliers. In this way, the hobbyist will have more success and enjoyment and less problems. As for the future of Aquatica, Dave loves customs aquarium set ups and would like to expand the business because there are so many areas in the field that can be magnified.

Personally, Dave loves shooting, working out, and any of the other outdoor hobbies (hunting, fishing, scuba diving, off roading). Sarah also loves working out and is also a Ice Figure skating coach drawing on her experience as a 12 year competitive skater. Both of them are very active in their church.  And of course, Dave and Sarah love this hobby.

Aquatica has a website Be sure to check out the site for store hours, address, etc. Come visit the store and become what regular customers are termed, Aquaticans. As Dave and Sarah would say, "Bring the  Ocean Home!"

AQUATICA is raffling off a 125 dollar gift certificate to the SoCaliReef's Community.
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