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    Montipora cap 🧢

    I have this nice size red monti for sale $100 obo Plus some big chucks of the Mystic montipora $20 and up lots of big chucks
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    Looking for ATB 1800 impeller

    Any one here know where I can get a impeller for a ATB FLOW START 1800 ? I have a pump that I haven’t use and it’s not working properly I think it’s the impeller
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    Covi🦠garage sale

    I hav some stuff that I don’t need any more 2x seaswirls 1/2 $120 Elos mini sump with skimmer and cover $50 Esshop skimmer needs a pump $50 New Rio pump 1400 gph $25 Used rio 32hf 1920 gph $35 Vertex R/O Di with all new filter $150 2 reefbrites 36” blue $120 Aquamaxx cal reactor works but...
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    Who has a reverse osmosis system with a inline TDS meter and if you do what’s the reading in to the system and out of the system before the DI ? I’m building a big system and I want to compere some number Thank
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    IT HAD BE DONE Recently I got a new fish for my collection and I noticed in a few days after I got it that it had a bubble on his eye 👁 then the bubble got bigger and bigger So with no time to waste I decided to take action and save the fish. I’m trying to post a vide but I can’t 🤔
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    I looking for rotifers

    Any one have some rotifers that can sell me some ?
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    GO BIG OR GO HOME !!! 🤔

    I my place we go big or go home But this time I think I over did it 🤭😬😂🤪
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    WTB looking for a big sump

    Looking for a big sump for a 500 gal tank 😅 Show me what you have
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    WTB big Led bars

    Any one here have some big led bars for sale or trade I’m looking for 72” or closer I want to try something on my new build I have corals and cash 😁
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    I just love this colony 🤩

    I got this Sps as a single branch longggg time ago and it’s been doing so good 😊 that I been using it as a frag rack 😬🤪
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    Pink Cadillac ASD milli and more...

    have this nice frags ASD milli $50 Bizaarro cyphistria $25 Pink Cadillac $40 PC rainbow $25 Free Red dragon Text me if you interested 323-683-7426 For more picture
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    Can you guess what this is ![emoji848]

    If you know what is this show me your [emoji848][emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Free filter bags

    I have about 10-15 used filter bags that I don't need them anymore if someone want to clean them take them Located in Arcadia 91007 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Some cheap frags !!

    I have some frags pick up only $10-25 Some red dragon Penope birdnest Purple bonsai Mother of pearls And more Text me if u interested 323-6837426 Located in Arcadia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Some frags

    I have some frags pm if interested and for more pictures text me 323-6837426 Sorry for the crappy pictures but here some names that can help to is the frags OG strawberry shortcake -25 Mother of pearls -35 Pink Cadillac -80 Pikachu-60 Diabolic pacman -80 Rainbow loom -35 And more Pick up...
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    War !!!the beginning or the end [emoji848][emoji12]

    This acros where fighting few das ago now they stop [emoji113] I just hope they will not kill each other and just stop fighting or graft together[emoji848] well that's asking to much but it can happen [emoji51][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got frag ![emoji847]

    I have some OG frags like Mother of pearls $35 Strawberry shortcake $35 Oregon tort $35 Diabolic pac-man $80 ASD rainbow milli$35 S.garret Purple bonsai $30 Night rider $30 Pc rainbow $35 Pink Cadillac $80 Penope birdnest $20 And more That are growing and touching each other and you know...
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    OG Strawberry shortcake and more !!

    I have this frag for sale pick up only in Arcadia Strawberry shortcake ASD Milli Diabolic pac-man PC rainbow Text me if you are interested 323-683-7426 $30 $30 $60 $25 $20 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If some one need some I have about a pund if nobody picks it up I will take it to my LFS tomorrow morning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Still waiting for bowser!!

    Bowser where are you I been waiting for you! Are you ok ? He supposed to be at my house by 7-8 pm but he did, I tried to text him by messenger but for some reason I can't send him a text !! I don't have his cell number I hope he's ok 🤔