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    Carbondoser Co2 Regulator & 20lb Co2 Tank + Apex Classic

    Carbondoser Co2 Regulator & 20lb Co2 Tank It was sitting inside the stand when I was running it so has some rusts but works great. Co2 tank is the 20lb steel tank and still 3/4 full. Both regulator (power adapter included) and tank for $250 Apex Classic - $250 Holding for a friend but he...
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    More Fish Stuff Cleaning Sale

    More cleaning...Pick up in Irvine. WYSIWYG. Some need cleaning. JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller - $50 One temp probe used for short time. Second one still brand new Bubble Magus NAC7 Protein Skimmer - $75 Works great. Only thing is the plastic screw to hold down the bubble plate...
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    36" 8X39W ATI Sunpower 8 Bulbs

    More cleaning... 36" 8X39W ATI SUNPOWER. One of the fans is brand new because I checked it after cleaning and noticed one did not turn on so got a new one. Bulbs were swaped on 10/21/19 and it was used for a couple months after that. 6 blue plus and 2 actinic. Everything works great. Will come...
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    Tunze Full Spectrum LED & Wavepoint Clamp Light 6"

    More cleaning up.... Tunze Full Spectrum LED -- $75 I got it and didn't even use it. I believe it's also submersible so can be used underwater. Wavepoint Clamp Light 6" - $30 Has a clamp to use as fuge light or frag light. Pick up in Irvine.
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    JBJ 1/5HP Chiller

    JBJ 1/5HP Chiller. Works great. I have a couple sizes elbows set. I believe 1/2" and 3/4". Rated for tank up to 180g. Would like $275 for it. Pick up in Irvine.
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    Bubble Magus BM-T11 Dosing Pump

    Bubble Magus BM-T11 Dosing Pump. Works great. SOLD
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    AI Mounting Rail 72"

    This is the old school aqua illumination mounting rail. I used this for the AI Sols but may still be able to use for the newer model lights. It's the 72" version but I had to trim down 2-3" on one side so that it would fit within a canopy. Comes with the legs so that it can sit on the tank. $40
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    WTB AI Sol or AI Vega

    Looking for a couple of these old school lights. Please let shoot me a PM if you have one and how much. Thanks
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    Deltec Calcium Reactor & Korallin Calcium Reactor

    Deltec Calcium Reactor. Pump still works but loud. I was going to swap to a small sicce but don't need to use anymore. I have the additional fittings and hose to hook up and get it going again. $75 Korallin Calcium Reactor. Had a crack at the elbow but I patched i up and still works (see pics)...
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    Ecotech Radion Xr30 Gen 2 Pro

    Ecotech Radion Xr30 Gen 2 Pro. Will also come with the reeflink and also an extra power adapter, the older solid kind. $275 for all.
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    WTT Aquaticlife Hybrid T5 48” for AI LED

    I have a 48 aquaticlife hybrid T5 fixture and would like to trade for AI leds if anyone is interested. Looking for AI Vega, Hydra or even Sol Blue. Mine is the black fixture I think first gen. Has ATI bulbs and I can also include 48” euroaquatics T5 LED bulbs, 3 of them. I’m valuing the light...
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    ATI Sunpower 8x24w 8 bulbs 24"+ ReefBrite LumiLite Pro

    ATI Sunpower 8x24w 8 bulbs 24"+ ReefBrite LumiLite Pro. Comes with ATI and Giesemann bulbs. Bulbs ordered from Marine Depot on 6/24/2019 and didn't put on new fixture until mid July so basically used for a couple months before I took the tank down in September. Light is in good condition with...
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    ATI 48" 8 Bulb + Hydro T5 48"

    Cleaning out more fish stuff so have these if anyone is interested. Pick up in Irvine. No trade please. ATI 8x54w 48" 8 Bulb T5 fixture $125 Works but reflectors have seen better days. Fans also work but I can't seem to find the power adapter for them. It's around $10 to replace. I will try to...
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    Aquatic Life 100 GPD Power with Booster Pump

    Aquatic Life 100 GPD Power Model 540087 so it has a built in booster pump. Filter cartridges still have lots of life left. Just took offline over the weekend. $100. Pick up in Irvine.
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    ATI Dimmable Sunpower 6 x 39W 36" 6 bulbs

    One of my favorite lights but no longer need to time to clear out. ATI Dimmable Sunpower 6 x 39W 36" 6 bulbs. The light is in excellent condition. Bulbs (combo of ATI and Giesemann) were changed around July 2019, a little before RAP. I shut down the tank around September so the light as not been...
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    Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen 4 Non-Pro

    I have two of the Radion Gen 4 XR30 non-pro version I was going to use but no longer need. I got these from someone else and they both work great. I have box for one of them and the mfg date is July 26, 2017. They were both bought new at the same time in October 2017. Would like $450 each. Also...
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    Black Snowflake Clown Matted Pair

    I have a matted pair of the black snowflake clown. They have been together for a long time and did lay eggs up until recently when there were too many changes with me removing the anemones and moving rocks around in the tank. Would like to get $80 for the pair. Pick up in Irvine. female...
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    Jawbreakers & Sherman Rose Anemone Rock

    I have this rock with a good size jawbreaker mama that's about a half dollar size with red. It also dropped a baby underneath the rock that is about a quarter size. Also on the same rock is a smaller Sherman Rose nem that's about a couple inches in size. I would like $350 for the whole rock...
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    Remaining LPS & Misc Corals

    Clearing out the remaining LPS and misc pieces in the tank. Pick up in Irvine. Must before next Saturday 9/7. Large Tyree Toadstool with Tyree Setosa colony on the same rock. Toadstool blocking so it's hard to take picture of whole thing - $125 Favia colony on good size piece of Tonga...
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    SPS Rack Cleaning

    Have some sps pieces. Taking a page out of Tri's playbook with the dim sum style menu. To make it easier for me to keep track, I will mark pieces sold only after PayPal is received. Otherwise, it's fair game for whoever wants to pony up first. Sorry to sound douchey but it's just easier for me...