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    75 gal f/s

    PM Sent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS Frag Pack

    Pack #139 (easy to keep). Left to Right: Bubble Gum Digi , Red Birds nest, Red Dragon and RR Neon Green. $50 pick up 90630 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Extruded Aluminum help
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    Help! my clownfish looks bad

    Brooklynella is very common in clownfish, you can treat that with Prazi Pro and good water condition.
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    Advice on sand!

    Rain is safe, no issue in my opinion.
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    Schnitzel's Shallow Leemar 250

    Unreal, so nice. I wish I get close to this one day!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Alkalinity Question

    Just test same time of the day. I test in the evening and try to always test at the same time.
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    Mr vs monthly sps giveaways. Mar 2018

    1. Bryanle87 2. Kain 3. Lespaulplayer 4. jessesoto33 5.djrice69 6.mccreefer 7.chads_coral_collection 8. HomeSlizzice 9. Evoreefer11 10. Bouncingsoul393 11.Fitz_bizZle 12. xiaohuang7 13. Five.five-six 14. Jgao 15. Mrtian97 16. BlueTang
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    Is this Dinoflagellates?

    I use Salifert for Nitrate and Hanna ULR for Phosphate.
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    Is this Dinoflagellates?

    I think before doing anything, you need to test your Nitrate and Phosphate.
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    FS few frags

    List updated.
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    FS few frags

    Hello SCR Members, Running out of space in my tank and would like to sell few pieces here. Pick up at 90630. The large frag disk in photos are 1 3/4" for size referrence. PM me with your Cell Number if you are interested. Thanks, Neon Green Candy Cane A1: $20 A2: $15 A3, A4, A5...
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    Mr V's monthly sps giveaways. Feb 2018

    1.djrice69 2.Anarez 3.five.five-six 4.mccreefer 5.grifter 6.lespaulplayer 7. Orbela 8. Christian7144 9. et1201 10. kain 11.passmethereefer 12. jessesoto33 13.chads_coral_collection 14.Smite 15: Nick Shades 16. Oasis 17. Sjet 18. Greasemonkey13 19. Azusareefer 20. Hersheyb 21...
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    Mr V's monthly sps giveaways. Feb 2018

    I hope you guys get the chance to see his Tank. One of the most beautiful Acro Garden :clap2:
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    Jason Fox Home Wrecker and more SPS for sale

    I take these 2 please: ATL Joleen $50 2" multi branch Branching Cyphastrea $45
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    Just noticed some STN on a few different pieces. Could use some advice.

    Did you test your PO4 with Hanna ULR? Was it always zero or just recently? I can offer you space in my frag tank in case you are worried about loosing nice SPS. Can hold you frag of each colony if you want.
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    clean looking cover for a rimless tank?

    I am very pleased with my lid built be artfully acrylic. Very clean and no distortion after 6 months.
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    Glass thickness

    Sent you pm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk