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  1. Reefgeek1991


    A few items for sale, everything works, cleaned been in storage for a while, priced to sell Mp60-$100 Mp-40 needs wet side $25 Sump- $40 or free if you buy anything New Brs dosing pumps- $15 4 available Chiller 1/14 or 1/10 can’t remember size $50 Radion gen 2 $120 or 100 If you buy 2 3...
  2. Reefgeek1991

    Rose bubble tip

    Selling a few anemone 20 each Call or text 951-756-5272 located in Beaumont 92223 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Reefgeek1991

    Clearing out the garage sale: (some freebies)

    I downgrade to a 60 gal cube, I no longer have use for this items, All prices are firm, willing to trade too, tools weights: Call or text: 951-756-5272 Bubble king 250: $650.00 Jbj- chiller 1/10: $160.00 Eshopps sump r-200: $65.00 30x14x12 Brs dosing pump: $40.00 Brand new never...
  4. Reefgeek1991

    Zoa Rock FREE!!!

    Don't want this in my tank, free anyone that wants to come get it, pick up in cherry Valley 92223 text prefer 951-756-5272
  5. Reefgeek1991

    Free frags of purple cap and of frogspawn!

    Need to get rid of some purple cap, growing into my other corals, need to frag my frogspawn as well, if anybody is interested: call or text me at 951-756-5272 Located in cherry valley,
  6. Reefgeek1991

    Hey what's up! Beaumont/cherry valley area

    Hey, my name is Javi, I currently have a 235 gal reef tank, been in the hobby for about two yeas and will never get out!!! Am trying to go full on sps and soon one day I will be! Just have all sort of corals noting too rare at the time, too many to list, Current fish I have are a pair of...
  7. Reefgeek1991

    Niger triggerfish; trade for anything?

    I have a young small Niger trigger fish I would like to trade for corals or another type of fish, let me know what you have?
  8. Reefgeek1991

    Need advice on Niger triggerfish.

    My buddy just gave me a yellow tangs and Niger triggerfish and I was wondering should I put the trigger fish in my reef tank. Or just give him away? Both of them are in my sump right noe and will be in there for about a week or two? Sump is pretty big! 42x24x20