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    Breaking down tank

    Prices on all your euphyllia? Thanks.
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    11 day old Snowflake Clowns :)

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    Memorial Day Weekend Sale!!!

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    Custom Rimless for sale

    do you ever go south to San Diego?
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    Large Naso Tang - Seal Beach

    can't believe i missed this one...just picked up a male this weekend. glad you found it a good home.
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    Fish for sale

    Are you getting more fish??
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    Feeler: jbj rimless 45rl

    he will deliver ;)
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    viewing at work...and they block most images on this thanks!
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    Thoughts on Powder Blue Tang?

    when i setup my 400g i thought it would be cool to have a school of pbt's...cuz you never see that... well found out that hard way...they are very territorial....even as small fish. i started with 6...3 made it through the first 2 weeks...after each one established their territory...but then...
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    which model kessil? 360?
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    FS: (4) Brand New Advanced Acrylics Frag Tanks and ATO Container

    price includes shipping? if so, i'm interested.
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    Doh! Dropped my auto feeder...

    I think I got water into the there a way to fix it? It still works just I can't set the right time cuz it shows 8888...
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    More hawiian fish

    Achilles tang eating? If so, what are you feeding? Thanks!
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    Reef Lounge: Black Leopard Wrasse and More!

    How much are the blue chromis? Discounts on a school of them?
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    Sohal tang

    i know this is far fetch but is this guy still available? lol
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    Got my new Achilles Tang to start eating, kind of sticky

    Where did you get him from if you don't mind me asking??
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    Jebao Group Buy for WP and DC pumps. **WP25, WP40, and WP60s are here!**

    I don't know you Kevin, but you are a good man from what you've written....just sad to see that in this hobby/community especially during the holiday season to see someone do that to you...just hate hearing stories like this on the forums..its not needed or necessary...if it was an accident just...