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  1. Untico

    HO HO HO Free Frags. Merry Christmas

    Untico's Reef is donating some frags to newbies with 200 or less posts. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Frags consist of: Palau Neon Green Nephthea (super bright) Purple Gorgonia- Photosynthetic Cream color Gorgonia -Photosynthetic All green long tentacle Toad Stool- rare-- for me...
  2. Untico

    Looking for Dory

    Help me find Dory for my large Reef Tank.
  3. Untico

    LF- Golden Dwarf Moray Eel

    Looking to buy a Golden Dwarf Moray Eel.
  4. Untico

    LF. Purple & Yellow tangs

    looking to get two yellow tangs and one purple tang for a large reef with plenty of swimming space
  5. Untico

    FS Magnificent & Two Barred Rabbit fish

    FS Magnificent & Two Barred Rabbit fish. Each $50, OBO. Safe for SPS and Fish only tanks. The only problem they love Zoas and just some all the others were untouched. Soft corals they just nip at weeping willow which bothers the corals and stay closed for hours. And then they won't do it for...
  6. Untico

    WTB Nice color Rainbow Anemone.

    looking a for a nice colored rainbow
  7. Untico

    Photosynthetic Gorgonia, Trade or Sale

    Looking for photosynthetic gorgonians, will buy or trade. Selling 3-4 inches frags for $20 Had my colony for 4 years and never fed it, except for what it gets of the dissolved frozen food I feed the fish.
  8. Untico

    Gorgonian for Sale/ *SOLD*

    Very nice color and healthy specimen, $20
  9. Untico

    FS: Two Barred Rabbitfish (S. V.)

    $30. A beautiful fish, but he started nipping at my clove polyps. Now I know why i couldn't keep cloves. The colors on this fish are amazing and it will be hard to let him go. He must go to a large tank.
  10. Untico

    Got chaeto, ie

    FREE CHAETO. Should not be sold except for STORES. Free Chaeto, if you need some. Plenty in the sump
  11. Untico

    Free CHAETO in the IE

    I got free Chaeto in Riverside. Otherwise I will trash it Saturday Morning.
  12. Untico

    Palys for sale. Softball size rock

    Green Palys on softball size rock. $25 or trade for large red Zoas.
  13. Untico

    APEX for sale

    Sold __sold__sold__ SOLD-SOLD Used for 3-4 years not sure, In perfect condition. Just took it down to install the new Apex in order to run WAV pumps and DOS loser. $300. cash only, FCFS
  14. Untico

    Baby RBTA

    Young RBTA for sale $30. 2-3 inches. Parent Colony
  15. Untico

    Reeflo Barracuda. HELP

    My Barracuda is loosing power and need to send it in. Need to borrow or rent one. A DART will do also, ASAP. Pleaseee
  16. Untico

    Gold Torch, WTT

    Looking for a frag of a Gold Torch. I have this beautiful nem for trade. Let me know what you have. One of the parent colonies in my tank AVAILABLE FOR TRADE.
  17. Untico

    MERRY CHRISTMAS. Get on the good list

    :21: Untico’s Reef is donating a piece of live rock with a few beginner frags of zoanthids, Tyree Neon Green toadstool, Green colt (Green Capnella), bright green branching GSP, nice colored clove polyps and some hardy sps if your tank is ready for them . It will be given to a ""New Reefer"" at...
  18. Untico

    Red Gracilaria

    Want to get some Red Gracilaria to grow for my fish. Any one in the IE or OC has any. Let me know.
  19. Untico

    Green Slimer and ? Stag for Sale

    FIRST PICTURE IS OF MAIN COLONIES. [B]Green Slimer $25 , two Large pieces of Stag coral (don't know name) $20/piece about a foot each.
  20. Untico

    Meteor Shower Cyphastrea frags

    larger ones $20 and smaller back left $15