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    Non profit fish breeding organization

    At Pet Expo, RAP, Macna, etc there is always a presence of the organizations which are they as non profits. There is a group that has been behind the aquaculture breeding organization of the Blue Hippo Tang that was responsible, i believe, for the foxface, most recently. Does anyone know what...
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    Rbta & ocellaris amphiprion clown pair, softies

    I have an RBTA & Ocellaris clown pair I will be selling as soon as I have them caught, likely this weekend. Pictures pending. Rbta is very long tentacled most of the time, but occasionally bubbles if my clown leaves it alone for a couple of hours (she hosts the other 'nem from time to time)...
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    I'm making my own Salt

    I started making my own salt. I did a bit of research on a couple of products, and before I get people killing their own tanks, I am going to wait to see how it works before I disclose the recipe. To put it simply, this is going to potentially save everyone who chooses to follow my...
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    Nick Shades' Aqua Japan 21.7g

    This is my new build. Current status: (will change every couple of updates) 4/13/19 Got sick again this week. Learned it was allergies. Managed to get some crap done today, regardless. Im fricking tired.
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    Gbta on throes of death

    I purchased this nem back in early october and put it in my wife's tank. It was great, hosted with her maroon clown up until last week. Her parameters seem to be fine. All of her LPS qre doing amazing, her SPS is growing. 25 gallon cube, 17 gallons total water volume, the only thing I have...
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    South Bay Salt

    Disclaimer: This is not a thread asking for individuals to post, "I wouldn't recommend doing that." This is a thread requesting experience from the product. I have been eyeing an industrial salt for the past year. I know a couple of local formulators who handle salt distribution for a couple...
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    Considering a calcium reactor

    I have a couple of projects on my timeline, and am currebtly moving them around. After i purchase my next return pump, i plan on purchasing a co2 injection calcium reactor, but rather than piece it together, i am interested in buying as close to an all in one system as possible. I currently am...
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    Has anyone kept a dragonet besides the more common Mandarin, Target or Scooter? I am interested in getting a Finger Dragonet in my next tank But they are very difficult to find. Is there a particular reason why dragonets other than the...
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    "Kent Water Treatment's complete line of chemistry products?"

    "yeah, I guess they are alright. I don't really use them that much though."
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    Unboxing the ReefBreeders CoralBox RN-1 Nano Wave Maker

    This is my unbox of the RN-1 Nano Wave Maker
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    Complete Coral Essentials, Coral Power,

    Complete Coral Essentials, unopened, Coral Power Gro, Amino, Trace A, B, C from Australia Pickup in Redlands, $100
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    Aiptasia on macro algae

    This is a new one for me. It appeared in my pico jar today. Must have come from where i picked it up. Never seen it on macro algae before. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Aquatic Life Cetus 2 Unboxing

    The following video is my unbox of the Cetus 2. We have not yet put it on the tank. but, I will follow up with that portion, soon.
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    My newest 3g pico jar

    Drilled the holes using a bit that i havent used before. The bosch spearhead. Had some cracks on the glass, but siliconed both sides. Might be okay. Might have to go back andbuy the hole saw version instead and purchase another jar. I still have time before rap, but only giving it until...
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    LFF: Blue Lined Cleaner Wrasse

    ELLIOT'S in riverside is out right now. Anyone have any IE suggestions on where I can try and get one today?
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    Hypothetical : who keeps freshwater shrimp?

    Copper kills inverts this is known. Freshwater inverts are no different. Has anyone put their fw shrimp water change into their top off water for their reef? I was thinking about how beneficial a lack of water changes are in fw planted shrimp tanks, as the only hard element that sticks...
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    A new indiegogo all in one 400 buckaroo banzais for the basic box
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    Identify this!

    I started noticing this growing song the perimeter of rock that one of my sponges covers about a month ago. Just the perimeter. Now it covers the whole rock, sort of encrusting, and has now moved on to another rock. Very cute, very small, very pretty, albeit, not colorful at all. It is almost...
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    New dosing technique for my wife's nano

    My wife does not care for the medicine dosing cups and syringes that i use for the tank that we have at home that i use for dosing my 90 gallon tank with b-ionic. To be frank, I'm not really a fan, either, but when i had my nano, though it was much more expensive, i loved the nano version of the...
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    Eucinid worm

    This popped up this morning on my feed today : Gigantic