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    Sunny D Frag

    So recently bought a Sunny D frag off a reefer on here. Needless to say there were a handful of aiptasias growing on it. Since I am not a fan of having pests in my tank nor have any predators of aiptasia currently, I've decided to give this away to someone today or the trash. Pick up in 92335.
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    WWC Purple Monster & Gobstopper for Trade

    Got 2 frags of WWC purple monsters , 4+ polyp and a 6+ polyp and a 4 polyp Everlasting Gobstopper frag looking for other Zs and Ps or shrooms
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    Red Sea Max E-260

    Tank was just drained today and it’s ready to go. please view details on my Craigslist Ad if interested,
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    Clove Polyps

    Colony is about 60+ polyps, also has a few stalks of pulsing xenia on the bottom. Last pieces before tank shuts down. Let’s call it $40 another $10 and you can have the rock full of Xenias too Also have turbos and other CUC for cheaps
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    FoxFace 4-5 inch

    Shutting down one of my tanks and I don’t have any room for this guy. Very friendly, but shy at first. $30 pick up. $40 meet up. $20 if he’s going in a tank of 150+ gallons.
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    Powder Brown Tang & FoxFace

    PBT - 4-5 inched Fox Face - 6-7 inches Both very fat and well fed. Introduced them to new tank 2 years ago to get through algae stages but unfortunately they are outgrowing my tank and the bioload is maxed. $50 for PBT $50 FoxFace $80 for both together. Bring your own bags, PayPal hold...
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    WTB Zoo pack

    Looking for: -bowsers -CARs -CAOs -acid reflux -pink zippers -sakuras -chuckys bride -pink elephant -blue rhino -Latin lover -rainbow infusion - tyree orange rainbows - rainbow kazoo - shazammm - yoda - soprano And or any other nice polyps you may have. Looking for 1-2 polyp frags, may be...
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    WTT full spectrum 120w for Blue Stunner LED Strip

    As title suggests... Looking for just a royal blue stunner strip preferably ecoxotic or reefbrite. Pm is key.