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  1. phamster

    Mushroom rock

    Selling this mushroom rock. I bought this from a reefer here around 2 weeks ago. 10 mushrooms. Rock is around 4.5 inches. Mushroom are pale green. $15 obo. Curbside 90249 or meet at Harry's marine in Gardena.
  2. phamster

    Restocking time : Looking for hammers, torches, frogspawns, mushrooms...easy corals

    message me if you guys have any for sale. tks
  3. phamster

    looking for some chaeto

    anybody in the south bay have any chaeto?
  4. phamster

    Designer Clownfish

    I can't be the only one who notices that the majority of these clownfish have weird body shapes. Has anybody noticed this as well? From fins to head and mouth, they look "off". they aren't shaped nicely at all. I'm sure those that have some will disagree. If so, please post some pictures...
  5. phamster

    Tiffany and Co Bracelet

    Bought last year on 12.23.12 only worn several times for a month. was stored away for the rest of the year. This is the newer version with the turquoise color on one side. I have everything that came with it including bag, box, pouch ,etc. Also have receipt. Tiffany's will shine and buff...
  6. phamster

    Where do you guys dump your water after a water change

    ??? i dump mine in a corner in the yard... where do ppl with huge tanks dump their water?
  7. phamster

    Which PICO? JBJ 3 gallon or Innovative Marine 4 gallon???

    Leaning towards JBJ for some reason. IM has the surface skimmer though. How are those leds for softies? I'm assuming adequate.
  8. phamster

    Looking for Chaeto

    hey, looking for some chaeto to help tame algae growth in display. It's getting out of control. Thanks
  9. phamster

    Disney & Sea World Tickets

    Hey, Can anybody here get discounts or any other hookups for these two parks? Just interested in the main Disney park. Looking to go to Disney on 11/18 Friday. Need 3 adult tickets, 5 yr old and 2 yr old. Let me know how much. Thanks!!!
  10. phamster

    Nem/clownfish VS Mandarin....

    If you could only pick one.....which one would you choose to have? An anemone that hosts a clownfish or being able to keep a mandarin and not worrying if he is getting enough pods (no need to feed frozen). * Mandarin here
  11. phamster


    Hitchhiker nem has gotten huge. The stalk is thick as an index finger. Nocturnal creature. Think it is called "orange ball nem" or something. enjoy
  12. phamster

    Where to get big frag plugs?

    Who sells frag plugs? I'm looking for something around 2 inches in diameter. They kind of look like ceramic plates. Thanks
  13. phamster

    WTB: Ochtode Macro Algae

    Does anybody have some for sale? Let me know.
  14. phamster

    wobblegong or wow paly???

    Looking for "wobblegong" paly. I'm not sure if it's the same as the "wow" paly. It should be green i think.
  15. phamster

    Lugol's Iodine solution

    I did a search for Lugol's on here but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I know you can buy Kent Marine's Lugol Solution but has anybody used just basic Lugol's Solution, the kind you don't find at the LFS? For example I'm looking at this from ebay...
  16. phamster

    WTB: Black egg crate

    Anybody got some extra pieces laying around? I just need something in the range of: 7" X 4" for a frag rack thanks
  17. phamster

    La Medusa any good?

    I understand this place has reptiles and salt water livestock. Is this place worth visiting at all?
  18. phamster

    Koralia 425 for your Koralia 550

    I just got the 425 today and it's too weak for my liking. Anybody have a 550gph?
  19. phamster

    Koralia 750gph too strong?

    You guys think this is too strong for a 40R? I was thinking 550gph but the 750gph is cheaper.
  20. phamster

    I need a 150-200 watt heater. what brand?

    hey heater experts, what's a good heater to get and where?