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    WTB: Bergia Nudibranchs

    Bump. Did you have any luck finding any? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Merry Christmas. Free gift

    Truth! That carpool lane makes all the difference!!!!
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    2 Free Ducks Tickets For Tonights Game

    Wish I was closer!!!! Too bad! I definitely would have jumped on these. Good karma!
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    Merry Christmas. Free gift

    I'd have to figure out how to get to Riverside, but that would be awesome! Hope everyone is staying dry with this rain!
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    Merry Christmas. Free gift

    Wow! Awesome Karma! That's going to be an awesome holiday gift for someone!!!
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    Tank and Custom Stand for Sale Cheap!!!!!

    Great deal! I wish Temecula wasn't such a schlep from Goleta!
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    Product testing - Nualgi Aquarium

    I have a 29 biocube? Tried the trial size from their site a while but I think they sent me too small of a trial! Would be willing to try again
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    Free Nualgi Reef Supplement Tomorrow is the last day to get the sample. Couldn't hurt to check out! It claims to improve coral growth and water quality, free 12 week supply!.. The catch is you must upload a before and after picture of your tank, not a bad deal though...
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    Cherry Charms Zoa

    Also sent a PM!
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    7 Hours Left to Enter...

    Awesome giveaway!!!
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    Free six line wrasse

    I also pmed you!
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    Free six line wrasse

    How's he been with other tank mates? (Shrimp, blennies, clowns?)
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    Any chance anybody has some near Santa Barbara?