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  1. xiaohuang7

    tank maintenance 91732

    hi we'd like someone to do tank cleaning on a weekly or biweekly basis, preferably someone with experience with sps. siphoning, tank wall cleaning, exterior wipedowns etc. pump cleaning maybe once every 2 or 3 months. 3 tanks, all bare bottom. pigmo
  2. xiaohuang7

    dory, wyoming white, zebrasoma - $15 each

    hi we have some fish my brother rescued from a home sale, pickup only, el monte: zebra d. 5" $15 wyoming white clown 3" $15 dori 7" $15 only charging to recoup gas money. please pm with tank size and fts (or link). michelle
  3. xiaohuang7

    a few sps frags, mostly indonesian & nems

    my brother and i made our first frags. some are small, prices will reflect size. we'll keep one of each as backup. if interested, please come by tomorrow, sunday at 11am to 12 noon. please bring ur own containers, we're only hobbyists, not retail pros. grown under radions and t5s. $20 to...
  4. xiaohuang7

    uv sterilizer, 40-something inch, integrated aqua brand

    didnt use on our tanks got them used with our used tank, not tested so dunno if it works throwing out on friday 605 x 10 michelle
  5. xiaohuang7

    used ball valves 1" and 3/4"

    cut these out - left side is 1", right side is 3/4" not all parts are there, and i think their pvc is glued in, but very nice valves throwing out this friday 605 x 10 michelle
  6. xiaohuang7

    mp60 replacement barings

    any idea where? i called ecotech and they don't supply them.
  7. xiaohuang7

    fs - 2 bubble tip anenomes

    $15 each, one is direct from jason fox $25 for both please bring a container, about 3 to 3.5 inches each
  8. xiaohuang7

    cornbread ppc acro accidental frag (3/8"), trade for other rainbow sps

    accidentally knocked off a little piece while cleaning, a few weeks ago trade for similarish multi colored acro frag? thanks, michelle
  9. xiaohuang7

    ecotech/radion light slide for xr15 (2)

    hi we have 2 of these, $5 each near 605 x 10 frwys michelle problem posting pic, just like these
  10. xiaohuang7

    DIY Trace Elements - Mg, Zn, Mo, Nitrate, Phosphate ($10 per liter)

    we do triton ips testing, so we eventually found out we could make our own diy trace elements. since we have extra trace elements (pharmaceutical grade), we thought would share with anyone who needs them. manganese zinc molybdenium nitrate phosphate please bring your own clean container(s)...
  11. xiaohuang7

    frag rack cleaning $15 to $30

    hi socali, we decided to clear some space on the rack: garf bonsai acro 25 cornbred atomic fireball acro 30 atl joleen acro 25 galaxia lps 15 cornbred red sticky punch acro 20 bubblegum digi monti 15 (large 20) calikid pink monti 20 some unknown 3 color jason fox sps i can fresh frag 25 av...
  12. xiaohuang7

    neptune apex energy bar 8

    $80 i never used this, got it used as part of a used tank. plus some misc neptune parts if you want them. apex is too complicated for us. located close to the 10 and 605 frwys. john
  13. xiaohuang7

    100 gallon sump - $90

    hi, i bought this off another socali reefer, but decided to do something different. 100 gals, glass 60" x 18" (width) x 20.5" (high) $90 already has baffels and filter sock holders. these were siliconed in acrylic panels, so easy to move if you want a different config. not comestically...
  14. xiaohuang7

    (generic) MP60 power supply replacement

    just fyi reefers, i replaced one of my ecotech vortech mp60 power supplies with this generic, and it works fine for the past 3 months and counting... best thing it was 20 bucks on amazon, and free 1 day prime too (vs 80 bucks plus a week from ecotech) posting cause when i googled, there was...
  15. xiaohuang7

    wtb used 100 gallon, or used sump 60" or longer

    must be 22" high or less. maybe some low 120 gallons would also do. text or pm me, thanks.
  16. xiaohuang7

    120 gallon vizio glass tank - $100

    was gonna use it as a sump, too tall for my stand (can't get skimmer in or out) 5' (w) x 18.5" (d) x 23.5" (h) has a 1.5" bulkhead, and 1" bulkhead, on one side, see pic x10 and 605 fwys (will trade for a 100 gal glass tank) john
  17. xiaohuang7

    wtb sps - uc dippin dots, wwc afterparty, poto ultimate pretty in pink, matt v looney

    :elefant: :rockon: uc dippin dots, wwc afterparty, poto ultimate pretty in pink, matt v looney tunes anybody have these?
  18. xiaohuang7

    komodo/raja ampat

    wow last post was 2017 lol. don't reefers dive? we're diving at one of these places, in sept or oct. pm if u wanna join. pic is from last trip. 10 to 14 days. komodo would be liveaboard, raja would be pulau pef.
  19. xiaohuang7

    fs: ai hydra 52 (x2) + ai director, nyos 160 skimmer (x1)

    getting rid of extra stuff from my build. - a pair of aqua illumination hydra 52s, ai director included (i just took these down today) $375 - nyos 160 skimmer, used only about 1 month. i dropped the lid twice since, there's some cracks i repaired on the lid's mini cup (that bowl that directs...
  20. xiaohuang7

    nyos 160 skimmer - used 1 month

    pretty much brand new nyos 160. nyos self rates it at 60 - 260 gals there was a small crack in the lid dome (the curved piece that reflects the skimmate downwards into the cup), but i acrylic bonded it. used for just a month, works just fine. $325 too small for my system. will entertain...