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  1. xraymatt

    Apex DOS and DDR

    If it seems like I’ve been contemplating getting rid of this doser for a while, you’re probably right. [emoji23] With my goal of reducing my coral load, I’m just going to go back to manual dosing (if any). The DOS and DDR work perfectly. The plastic triangle cover for the wires is missing, but...
  2. xraymatt

    Apex DOS dual reservoir

    The equipment purge continues! Apex DOS dual reservoir. In great shape. Missing the triangle plastic wire covering, but does not affect its functionality. Goes for for 200 bucks. Selling for $100 firm.[emoji1689] Also, calcium reactor buyer backed out, so I lowered the price to $200. Sent...
  3. xraymatt

    GT500 stock exhaust

    Recently upgraded my exhaust and have my stock Shelby GT500 exhaust up for grabs. Will fit regular GT’s (great upgrade!). They sound amazing! $400 (Only has 11K miles on them). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. xraymatt

    Calcium reactor (price drop)

    This Octo CR100 calcium reactor was only used for a couple months. Comes with reactor, media calcium carbonate and magnesium. Also included is a 20lb tank of CO2, as well as a Tunze regulator. In perfect condition. Only selling to buy another apex DOS system. Marine Depot has the DOS for $300...
  5. xraymatt

    Apex DOS and DDR system

    Im putting the calcium reactor back on the tank, so the dosing system is up for grabs. Apex DOS system along with the DOS dual reservoir. Works flawlessly. Small plastic triangle that covers the wires was misplaced. Purchased from Marine Depot earlier this year and selling it for half. $250...
  6. xraymatt

    German Radium bulbs

    I don’t have any use for these single ended bulbs anymore. There’s two Radium 250W and three 250W 14K bulbs. (New or slightly used). All 5 bulbs are FREE (frag donations welcome). Located in Palm Springs (come Visit!!) [emoji1689] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. xraymatt

    250W Metal Halides

    Three 250W metal halide lights and extra bulbs. There are 3 brand new 14K Top Lighting bulbs and 2 Radium German 20K bulbs. All 5 bulbs are in original boxes. In addition to the 5 bulbs, there's two 20K bulbs (used) installed in the light hoods. (Total of 7 bulbs). Lights came off a 220 gallon...
  8. xraymatt

    Orange spot rabbitfish

    Trying to thin out the population in the tank. This orange spot rabbitfish has been with me since he was about 2 1/2” long. Two years later he’s pushing 8”. Super healthy, will eat anything. $60 Located out in the Palm Springs area. Come visit, it’s not that hot.[emoji1787] Sent from my...
  9. xraymatt

    Calcium Reactor

    I’ve had a few people ask if I’d be willing to trade the calcium reactor I have posted in the dry goods section. Ultimately, I was going to use the money to buy a big Fowleri Tang. If you’re interested and can find one, that will work for me. [emoji1689] Happy reefing [emoji1689] Sent from...
  10. xraymatt

    Calcium Reactor

    I recently decided to part ways with my calcium reactor. It’s an Octo CR-100. It’s about a year old and works perfectly. Includes: Reactor, Ph probe, Tunze regulator, huge CO2 tank and a bag of media. Everything for $300 Firm. Happy reefing [emoji1689] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. xraymatt

    60 gallon frag tank

    45L x 24W x 14H. Used as a frag tank. Hole drilled in the glass in the back used for an overflow. Excellent condition. $200 firm. Comes with stand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. xraymatt

    Peloton Bike

    Looking to swap our year old Peloton exercise bike for preferably a 300 gallon tank. (Tank only). The bike is in pristine condition (I’ll dust it off for you [emoji23]). Located out in the Palm Springs area. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. xraymatt

    Metal halide ballast

    Im going old school. My current 250W ballast has seen better days. Id like a dual ballast if I can find one. Hopefully someone has one buried deep in their garage!! Thanks! Matt
  14. xraymatt

    Emperor Snapper

    The time has come to part with my Emperor Snapper. He's healthy and has an insane appetite! Beware of small fish!! Recommend a large tank with lots of swimming room. He's been in my 220 for the past year. Looking 80 bucks or trade for a tang or two. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. xraymatt

    Actinic PC bulbs

    I know I'm going old school here, but does anyone have any square pin actinic PC bulbs laying around? The ballast is a 96 watt. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. xraymatt

    My lights for your lights

    Recently I added two Kessil 360's on my new frag tank. I really like the way they look and I'm leaning towards changing to them on my display tank as well. Currently I have four Hydra 52's on my display tank. They're awesome lights, but it just doesn't seem like I'm getting the growth I used...
  17. xraymatt

    Calcium reactor pros...

    I just put my calcium reactor back on line and I cannot for the life of me remember this detail. Does the bubble counter chamber have to be completely full of water in order for it to be effective? It's about 1/3 way full of water. Thx in advance. [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. xraymatt

    Halides are back!!

    I've been thinking about this for quite some time, and yesterday I decided to re-install a couple halide lights. My 220 has a center overflow, so the lighting setup includes two Hydra 52's down each side and kessil 360's on the ends (total of 6 LED light sources. I haven't been impressed with...
  19. xraymatt

    Arctica Chiller

    1/10 hp. Works perfectly, but I recently got a new chiller. Used it with no problems on my 300 gallon reef tank. $80 FIRM (firm also means "or some frags" [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. xraymatt

    Acrylic Sump $100

    Acrylic sump measures 36" long, 12" wide, 16" tall. I bought this and it was too narrow for my monster skimmer! I'll be going down to seaside Tropical Fish on Sunday. I could bring it with me since La Quinta is half way around the world for most people! $100 firm Sent from my iPhone using...