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  1. DoTheDrew

    Scolys & Hammer

    Freeing up some room in my I’m selling these guys. Bleeding Apple (3”) - $200 Croc island Scoly (3”) - $300 Indo Toxic Hammer (3 heads) - $60 Pick up in lakeside - 92040 Feel free to text for more questions, pictures and/or videos. (619) 922-5007 PayPal/Venmo holds. Curbside...
  2. DoTheDrew

    Brand New RO/DI Typhoon III

    should work now. thx.
  3. DoTheDrew

    Brand New RO/DI Typhoon III link to product with more description. $230 + Shipping... YOU WON'T FIND IT CHEAPER
  4. DoTheDrew

    FS: Blue Spotted Jawfish

    I miss mine :( free bump!
  5. DoTheDrew

    FS 300 gallon acrylic tank

    yeah problem is I'd be all over it...first I live in san diego...second...I'd need to find a stand and canopy...if I can find one with the dimensions I would definitely be all over it I just want something to where I wouldn't have to deal with too much hassle putting stuff together I'd rather...
  6. DoTheDrew

    FS 300 gallon acrylic tank

    does it come with the stand and canopy?
  7. DoTheDrew

    Sailfin Tang

  8. DoTheDrew

    Sailfin Tang

    I have a Sailfin Tang at about 5"-5.5" that I'm going to sell just because I got him to save him and initially wanted to keep him now he makes my 60gal look tiny. He eats from your hand loves algae very fat and super healthy. I'll be putting him up for 45.00 and will accept possible trades lmk...
  9. DoTheDrew

    Feeding frenzy

    The Achilles Tang is my favorite tang by far, love that fish and very cool!