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    LF geo cr612 calcium reactor

    Anyone have one for sale or trade?
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    LF SRO-2000int or Elite-200int skimmer

    I am looking for either one of the SRO-2000int or Elite-200int skimmer. Skimmer body only is ok, too. Thx
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    LF xr15 RMS mount

    Any one have xr15 rms mount that want to sale? if yes, message me for price include shipping. Thx
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    LF a pair of MP10WQD

    I am looking for a pair of used MP10WQD in good condition. lmk what you have and price shipped. Thx
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    2 Guys corals

    Anyone know what happen to two guys corals? I went there couple week ago and they closed.
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    BK mini 200

    I have a bubble King Mini200 gen1 in good condition. I bought it used but end up did not use it. The pump motor block is the Max flo 1500 and still run good. The only minor issue is the power cord has a small crack about 1/4” near the pump that I seal it by glue. Other than that everything else...
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    LF, WTB bubble king skimmer mini200 or similar.

    Looking for a good condition bubble king skimmer like mini 200 that fit my 150gal display plus 70gal sump. Any lead is appreciated. Thx
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    Kessil AP700 (1 month old) $600/shipped

    Looking for two sale my one month old Kessil AP700 to get money to buy two XR15 Gen4. If you have 2ea XR15gen4 I can trade, or I can trade for one XR30gen4, too. I have two but trade one so only one left. Thanks for looking.
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    FS: SRO3000int, Kessil H80....

    I will be in Sata Ana this Saturday and Sunday afternoon. So I can meet up around that time. Pm with phine number for quick reaponse. Here are some items available: Super reef octopus SRO3000int in good condition. $275. Kessil H80 with goose neck. $120 Kessil controller $65 Single doing...
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    WTB 2ea GEN3 XR15

    Any one has Gen3 XR15 for sale? I want add more light into my system and want to match with my current Gen 3 pro. Thx
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    Coral collection

    Is coral collection still around? Last time I went there in June from Bay Area to find out they close or moved. The store was empty.
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    Dusty and dirty tank

    I am a Vietnamese guy who is living in bay area. I have a 150g (48x30x24") that been running for over 5 months. This tank replaced another tank 5 month ago and the old tank is 125g (48x30x20"H), the old tank has crystal clear water. The system has 75 gal sump, SRO-3000int skimmer, 2 MP40, 3...
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    Wtb inferno, lemondrop or flametip nem

    Anyone know where I can get these anemones? I saw couple recent sale for inferno but seller dont shipp. I am looking for any inferno, lemondrop or flametip.
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    WTB golden nugget clownfish

    I am looking for a pair of golden nugget clownfish. Does anyone know where I can get them?
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    WTT 2ea Kessil for one Radion Pro

    I have two Kessil light, one is NIB A360WE Tuna blue and a USED A350W Tuna Blue. I want to trade event for a used Radion Gen3 pro. or a used Gen2 Pro or Gen3 plus cash for my two Kessil light. I can work out deal if need but I am very flexible and reasonable. pm me if you interest.
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    LF space saver protein skimmer

    Im looking for s skimmer for my Elo70 (50g) with 20 gal sump. I have the SRO-1000int but it a little too big. I need a smaller foot print like the SRO-XP1000SSS. let me know what you have for sale or trade and if you can ship. Thx
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    LFS near Disneyland

    Im visiting disneyland this weekend. Any recommend for any fish store around 30-45m drive? Looking for to bring home nice coral and fish.
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    WTB Inferno or lemondrop nem

    As the tittle state, let me know if you have either for sale or know anyone selling them. thx
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    WTB Inferno or lemondrop nem

    As the tittle state, let me know if you have either for sale or know anyone selling them. thx