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    1/2 HP Chiller and skimmer - Daily price drop!

    Both for $999
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    Tomato Clown

    Couldn't get along with the tank mates, maybe try another tank. Free pick up 90026, today 4pm. pic just disappeared. Thank you, a.d
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    Tanks for Corals

    Due to the high prices of the corals, I'm offering my tanks, equipment, supplies, rocks, sand, etc to trade for corals. PM me for pictures. gallon tanks available!
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    Red Sea 20 gallon - price will drop at least $1 per day!

    I have a red sea - 20 gallon complete with extras. Complete system: 8mm ultra-clear glass with smart beveled edges top MARINE-SPEC Cabinet - with water resistant epoxy and stainless steel hinges Max nano circulation pump Max nano media shelf with a sack of carbon Max nano protein skimmer...
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    Aquarium sand and live rocks

    I have aquarium live sand and rocks. Everything you need to get started. Live Rocks - Tonga, Branch, Dragon ($1 - $5 a pound) Live Sand - moonlight and crystal river ($1 a pound)
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    Brand new 24 inch Aquarium Fluorescent T12 - $5 each

    Average Lifetime: 9000 hours Lumens (light output): 600 Color Temperature: 2700K The right spectrum for growing plants and corals...
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    Please help clownfish

    Can somebody help this poor fellow by telling me what to do. What medication to buy and quarantine. Etc. Please help. He does not feel good. Thank you in advance.
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    Upgrading tanks - old water or new water

    I'm upgrading a tank. Do you put old water into new tank or all new water?
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    Prada Quilted Shell Down Filled Coat - sell or trade

    Due to the price of corals and my need of corals because of a recent outbreak which wiped out my tank clean, I'm offering my Prada coat for sale or trade. Let me know what corals you are willing to trade. Received as a present (1/19 never worn) but a tad small does not fit comfortably. Quilted...
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    Last Chance Perfect Starter Reef System - IM NUVO 20

    Last chance to make me an offer today for anything below. pending pick up this weekend. Thanks for looking! 213 713 6450 Please bump this one up. I will include the media reactor - $50 + tax = free. also included free wavemaker $50 + tax retail = free Intank media basket (2 total) retail...
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    Picasso Clown (pair), Hawaiian Tang, Flame Angel, Long nose Hawkfish ($100 all) and Fresh Tonga Branch Rock ($5 lb) 100 lbs. Free Zoas, Starfish, Mush

    Picasso Clownfish (pair), Hawaiian Tang, Flame Angel, Long nose Hawkfish ($100) Tonga Branch Rock ($5 a pound) 100 lbs. available Free mystery ZOAs on 12 inch rock and Free tiger stripe starfish free mystery mushrooms pictures available