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    FS clownfish pair

    Looking to sell my clown pair. I've had them for eight months now. One is a frostbite and the other a snowflake. Looking to get 80 for the pair. Located kn beaumont. Text me for pics 951-217-0433
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    FS or FT: Flameback angel

    So my flameback angel decided to bully my new helfrichi firefish so I'm looking to sell him or trade for frags. Looking to get $60 obo. Located in Beaumont
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    FS: Aiptasia eating filefish $20

    Had this guy for about 3 months now. He cleared out all of my aiptasia. Also eats my sister. Pick up in Beaumont
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    FS or FT: Reef octopus bh 90 skimmer and sicce syncra 2.0

    Looking to either sell or trade these items for frags. Looking for lps, zoos or easy sps frags (digis, caps, birdsnest, slimer, stags etc) also looking for a ghost skimmer for a nano tank BH 90 reef octopus hob skimmer. The impeller shaft needs to be replaced. $80 or trade Next is a sicce...
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    Copper band butterfly and marine beta for sale

    I've had this copper and since the beginning of June and it eats frozen clan on the half she'll which I will include with purchase $30 The marine betta I've had since July $40 Both fish have been super hardy. Pick up in Beaumont Deven
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    FS or FT: Clarkii clown

    This Clarkii clown is super healthy but also pretty aggressive. Keeps beating up my copper band so he's got to go. $15 or trade for coral. Make me an offer. Located in beaumont
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    125 Gallon Cadlights Tank Build

    So I got a nice little present while on post-deployment leave. My dream tank! Tank Specs: Lighting: 2x250 watt Radium SE. Galaxy Ballasts. Lumenarc Reflectors Skimmer: Euroreef RS100 Water flow: 2 Koralia Evo 850gph. Maxijet 1200 Return pump: Mag drive 9.5 Heater: Ebo Jager 200 watt Controller...
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    Anyone have an RO/DI unit I can rent?

    Anyone have one that's portable so I can use it to start my 125? I can pay a few buck or send some frags your way
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    FS/FT: Flameback Angel

    I have a flameback angel I need to get rid of. He's too quick to get a picture of at the moment but I'll keep trying. He nips at clam mantles and sps so if you want to put him in a reef I suggest it be a large tank. Asking $40 or trade for corals. LMK what you have. Located in 29 Palms Deven
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    FS: Mystery Wrasse $65

    Hey guys, Got a very healthy mystery wrasse for sale. He eats like a pig. He's gotten a bit aggressive with some of my other fish so he's got to go. He's about 3" long. I've had him for about a month and he's ich free. Asking $65. Located in 29 Palms
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    A few shots of my nano

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share some pics of my 29g Biocube. Enjoy Season's Greetings Birdsnest Pygmy Cherub Angel Tailspot Blenny & Meteor Shower Mystery Wrasse Yellow Watchman Goby
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    Fs/ft: Rbta

    Hey guys, this anemone outgrew my tank. I'm looking to get $50 or trade for ricordea/sps/zoos. Thanks Deven Forgot to add, located in 29 Palms but can meet in yucaipa/redlands/san bernardino this friday
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    Joined the Navy, getting out of hobby

    I am going to have to sell all of my livestock due to my choice to join the military. I'm sad to see this stuff go, but I have to do it. A warning before I list my livestock: I have problems with flatworms and caulerpa in my tank. Everything you buy from me should be dipped before it enters your...
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    FS: Spotted Rabbit fish

    I have a spotted rabbit fish that has already outgrown my tank. He doesn't bother corals, and eats algae like a champ. $30 takes him, but I am also willing to trade for frags. Located in Yucaipa. Thanks Deven
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    The Mystic Reef

    This place is definitely worth checking out. Adam and Jeremy have no problems going out of their way to get something for you. They got me a McKosker's Flasher Wrasse. I've been trying to get this fish for a couple months now and they were the first to actually get one for me. They also give...
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    Who quarantines fish regularly?

    I never used to quarantine my fish because I never really dealt with alot of losses. Last week, my tank had an outbreak of marine velvet, so I had to tear apart my tank to get all the fish. Luckily, with the help of some cupramine, I've only lost a bicolor blenny. So from now on, every fish goes...
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    FS or FT: 6" Green encrusting monti

    So my angel decided it likes the taste of this coral, and I'm much more attached to the fish, so I'm selling the monti for $40 or trade for a BTA, Rics, or a hammer. Thanks Deven
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    Micro bubble problems

    Are there any tricks to getting rid of micro bubbles? It seems like I've tried everything but they just wont go away. Thanks Deven
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    T-5 bulb arrangement

    I just got my 6x39 watt Nova Extreme Pro, and the stock bulbs are a bit too white for my taste. What six bubs should I get? I'm looking to get it a little bluer than a Phoenix 14k bulb, but still be able to keep some low light sps. Thanks Deven
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    T-5 reccomendations

    I've never had any experience with T-5's. I want to get a fixture for my 70 gallon oceanic tech tank. I figure it's cheaper to get t-5's instead of metal halides and a chiller. What 36" fixture do you guys reccomend? What bulbs? I want to keep lps, zoos, rics, and a few sps. Thanks Deven