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  1. Reefer0708

    Corals to Move

    I've decided to start breaking down one of my tanks soon to focus on something else.. These corals are priced to move :) There will be more to come as well Text works best @ 9494398251 Pick up only for now @ Murrieta, 92562 FCFS, Paypal to hold Happy Reffin! Dan
  2. Reefer0708

    Zoas A La Carte

    As my zoas collection is growing, I have lots of mini colonies that need to be trimmed down. Being in 25 gal lagoon, there isn't much room to spare until I upgrade to a larger tank.. soon... They're cut to order. There will be a few days to a week period of heal time. Trades are welcome as well...
  3. Reefer0708

    Lots of Zoas + Some Others

    Thinning down my collections of zoas and others to make room for more cool stuff :) Names and prices on the photos FCFS, paypal to hold Can meet in the OC (GG, Anaheim, or Irvine) this Sunday and coming Monday Text is best @ 9494398251 Happy Reefing!
  4. Reefer0708

    SPS - Nice and Cheep ;)

    Priced to moved.. FCFS, Paypal to hold Located in Murrieta, 92562 Text me at 9494398251
  5. Reefer0708

    Indo Gold Torch (Dragon Souls)

    2 heads (recently split) Indo gold torch (dragon soul) $500 (firm) Not rushing to let this one go FCFS, Paypal to hold In Murrieta, 92562 I'll be in Irvine this Sunday Dan (949)439-8251
  6. Reefer0708

    Zoas, Mushroom and Other Stuff - Some Priced to Move

    Located in Murrieta, zip code 92562 FCFS, Paypal to hold Prices are on the photos PM or Text - 9494398251 Happy Reefing!
  7. Reefer0708

    Lots of Goodies!

    Names and prices are on the photos, except for the zoas that are listed below. Text or PM. 9494398251 Pick up in Murrieta, 92562. Zoa/Paly List: 1 - Fruitloops (4p+), Sold 2 - Fruitloops (8p+), Sold 3 - Fruitloops (4p+), Sold 4 - Green people eater (1p+baby), $5 5 - BamBam and Sunny D's (2p...
  8. Reefer0708

    Goat Fish and some Clowns

    Going to a bar.. oops wrong forum.. Need to rehome my large goat fish and small clowns to reduce my bio loads. Goat fish, 5-6" - $40 Black piccaso clown pair - $60 Black and white clown - $15 Pick up only at Murrieta, CA. Text me at 9494398251 (at least 1 hour before picking up.. they may...
  9. Reefer0708

    270 Gal FOWLR Tank

    Need to find my FOWLR tank a new home. Asking $3000 More pics and descriptions can be found here...
  10. Reefer0708

    Sps, Lps, Softies, Zoas!!

    Updated List.. I have the following corals available. Pick up in Murrieta (92562) or may be able to meet in the OC area on the weekend. Prices are on the pics. Text or PM works best. 9494398251
  11. Reefer0708

    Jawbreaker and Some Zoas

    Hello Reefers! I have the following for sale.. Nice 1-1.5" diameter size Jawbreaker with lots of reds and 3-4 specks of greens - $300 (firm) Fruit loops zoas 8+ p - $30 15+ p - $50 Pink Diamonds 5 small p's - $40 5 larger p's - $70
  12. Reefer0708

    Corals!! Frag tank clearing

    Names and prices are on the photos. Text is best. 9494398251 Located in Murrieta, CA
  13. Reefer0708

    Some corals for sale

    Downsizing.. have the following for sale. In Murrieta/ Wildomar/ Temecula area. Text is best. 9494398251 Prices are OBO.. no low ballers though.. 1) Jawbreaker Mushroom, a bit larger than a dime. $140 2) Acropora frags. $15-30 3) Green Pocci. $20 4) Purple Stylo. $20 5) Space invader. Sold 6)...
  14. Reefer0708

    Corals and Fish

    In Murrieta/Temecula area. Text is best. 9494398251 Text for more pics. 1) Lobo, 3" in diameter: $60 2) red montipora: $15 3) green montipora: $20 4) red digitata: $30 5) Ultra red mushrooms - nickel to quarter sizes Very fast grower $15-30 6) rainbow anemone (just caught, around 6-8" fully...
  15. Reefer0708

    Good or bad?

    Found these all over my macro algea.
  16. Reefer0708

    Mushroom ID

    Some red some red/purple. Please ID..