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  1. gonumber24

    Large colony of Fruit Loop zoas FS

    There's about 100 on here. Asking $200. I can bring to reefapolooza with prepay to PayPal. Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Pm please.
  2. gonumber24

    Really cool device!
  3. gonumber24

    Instant Ocean salt FS

    200 gallon boxes. One I opened and used about a half bag of a 50 gallon bag. $25 for the 200 gallon and $20 for the 175 gallon or $40 for both. Rancho Cucamonga. Pm please.
  4. gonumber24

    Neon Green Hammer Coral FS

    Approx 20 heads. $150. Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Pm me please.
  5. gonumber24

    FS bonded pair snowflake clowns

    I've had them about 6 months. I got them from Juan Baeza (used to be a mod on socali), when he broke down his tank. They just started hosting in bubble tip anemomes. This pair was fighting with another pair in my tank, so would like to find them a good home. They are approximately 2 1/2...
  6. gonumber24

    Anemone FS

    Large rainbow bubble tip has outgrown the 29 gallon. It split several weeks ago and am only keeping one. It has a green base, red to orange bubbles. There's some white speckles in some of the tips. The last picture is of the clone, which has more white speckles than the one for sale...
  7. gonumber24

    Better than bowser

    I obtained a couple of these guys from Chad at Coral Gazers a couple years ago or so. There's about 13 heads now. I think these are palys. Just wanted to show them off!
  8. gonumber24

    Fruit loop zoa colony FS

    At least 13 heads, super healthy and hardy. They are retracted in the picture due to a water change and a couple rocks being rearranged. May consider a trade. Pm me offers or will sell for $50. That's less than $4 each. Rancho Cucamonga. Thx
  9. gonumber24

    Accidental setosa montipora frags

    I broke off a few pieces today rearranging some rocks. I'm looking to trade for any other montipora or acropora frags. Pm me please! Thx. Rancho Cucamonga.
  10. gonumber24

    Excellent video about filter socks
  11. gonumber24

    Baller fish FS!

    Gem tang on sale
  12. gonumber24

    What kind of damsel?

  13. gonumber24

    New fishy from T.R.F.S.

    Got this tiny purple tang yesterday from Jason. A sweet score. The yellow was punking him so now the yellow is on time out. Mr. Purple is already eating and cruising around the 29 biocube.
  14. gonumber24

    Coral FS

    Huge Hollywood Stunner chalice, about a foot long! $150 obo Approximately 25 to 30 head colony of neon green hammer coral. $100 PM me please! Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Thanks!
  15. gonumber24

    30 head colony of Hammer coral fs

    It's the large colony in the picture, to the upper left of the Hollywood stunner chalice. $100. Rancho Cucamonga, near the 15 fwy and 210.
  16. gonumber24

    Kauai 2016

    Checked out the tidepools around Poipu today. Saw a bunch of cool fish. More pics as the trip continues. ... Goatfish
  17. gonumber24

    Superman montipora

    Picked this nice piece up from TRFS today. Been looking for one for awhile.
  18. gonumber24

    LF Sohal Tang

    I have a 240 with a Niger trigger, coral beauty, and red sea sailfin tang, so plenty of space for an established sohal. Let me know what you've got! Thx.
  19. gonumber24

    LF Goblin Fire zoas.

    Anybody selling any? Let me know, thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  20. gonumber24

    LF superman montipora

    Blue base, red polyps. I'm in Rancho Cucamonga. Will buy. Thanks!