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  1. JohnBRZ

    FS/FT Mandarin Dragonet

    looking to re-home one female or one male mandarin dragonet due to aggression. I ordered them directly from Biota back in Dec. both are healthy and eating pellets. $100 firm for the male or female. male is a little beaten up by the female right now. open to trade for a healthy orange storm...
  2. JohnBRZ

    FT: Mandarin Dragonet

    Anyone near 92708 with a large Jawbreaker with some red who want to trade for a Biota captive bred mandarin dragonet? He's been with me since Dec 2021 and eating TDO B2 pellets. Recently the smaller female got aggressive and won't let him eat. I suspect my tank might be too small for a pair but...
  3. JohnBRZ

    FT Yasha goby

    Got him back in April to do a pistol shrimp pair but decided that might not be a good fit for my setup. Looking to trade for a yellow/red jawbreaker, orange or mocha storm clownfish. eating frozen mysis and TDO pellets Thanks
  4. JohnBRZ

    free 100 gal tank, stand, sump

    not mine but if anyone looking for one
  5. JohnBRZ

    Yasha goby

    went check out LFS over the weekend and end up with a yasha goby. one of those impulse buy :) Might get him a randall pistol shrimp after QT. he's eating mysis now. Anyone ever have a yasha goby that eat pellets? are they hard to train? what's the risk level of a randall pistol shrimp harming a...
  6. JohnBRZ

    molly for algae control

    anyone keep molly for algae control in their reef tank? any downside? Thinking about getting a small black Molly to help eat GHA. are they any risk of transferring disease if I get a freshwater one and acclimate them without QT? would something else work better for a 14 gallon? Thanks
  7. JohnBRZ

    the 2nd time is the charm

    Hi all, just want to intro myself. I got into saltwater when I was a kid when I saw my first mandarin dragonet at the LFS. I decided I must have him and take him home that same day with a new AIO setup. Sadly he starved to death after 3 - 4 months but I stay with reef for a few more years. I...
  8. JohnBRZ

    WTT: Captive bred mandarin dragonet

    My other mandarin are still too aggressive toward this smaller one. chase around the tank each time I try to introduce them. Looking to trade for some shrooms ( red/orange/pink/ or rainbow ricordea, jawbreakers ) + cash on my part depending on what's the trade. let me know what you have if...
  9. JohnBRZ

    WTT: Live Phytoplankton

    Just received my algaebarn delivery and have one extra OceanMagik live phytoplankton I won't be using. looking to trade for mushroom, red macro algae or any extra coral you might not want anymore. or free if you need the live phytoplankton and don't have anything to trade :) 1st to PM me and...
  10. JohnBRZ

    LF: copepods

    Anyone near fountain valley culture pods for their mandarin or to sell? Interested in doing a bi-weekly or monthly pickup Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. JohnBRZ

    FS: New VorTech MP10QD

    Brand new unopened VorTech MP10QD pump/ wave maker with one extra wetside - $350. Got this back in Aug but no longer need it since I upgraded my nano
  12. JohnBRZ

    Wild Percula clownfish ??

    Picked up two clownfish for a new 14 gal IM peninsula this weekend. LFS label as wild Percula but looks like regular captive bred Ocellaris to me. what do you guys think? The smaller picky eater is a little aggressive toward the chubby one. How long does it take for them to pair up? Currently in...