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  1. Adrock

    Hola chola

    Hi where is gumbii
  2. Adrock

    ATI Bulb Combo

    the color you will get in your corals will make you very very happy
  3. Adrock

    ATI Bulb Combo

    four blue plus one actinic one purple plus ... really great combo
  4. Adrock

    Acropower on autodoser?

    white vinegar is acidic ...kills bacteria
  5. Adrock

    PH problem way too low

    what is your alk, you can buffer if alk is low , if alk is ok you might need a product called ph up or ph+, you can also do a partial water change. if you have a air pump handy you can throw that in the display tank by adding more o2 ph level may go up ...more o2 in the water the higher the ph...
  6. Adrock

    Memorial Day Weekend Sale!!!

    well said....
  7. Adrock

    LARS Coral Market!! Sat June 25th - NEW LOCATION

    I saw Lars At Max but didn't hear about the show at all glad gumbii sent me a msg or I would of never known about this gem of a show. I hope to make it to the show and see all my wonderful friends :)
  8. Adrock

    Cali Kid Tuesday Sale!

    shoot there is Purple red green and a green yellow in that coral. very awesome
  9. Adrock

    Cali Kid Tuesday Sale!

    way more color than a red planet defiantly. not even the ones from ORA have this color variation. I feel husbandry and water chemistry play a factor . Cali Kid has some Skillz, he set up a regiment and protocols at Titan Coral. Made it easy for me to expand and excel in my husbandry.
  10. Adrock

    Is it possible to rid a system of ich by doing nothing?

    using antibiotics in the food is the way to go. and can be added to the food and fed to the fish with no ill affect. you can pm me with any questions you have
  11. Adrock

    Hydrogen Peroxide Dip for Bryopsis

    purchase some Tech M made by Kent Marine. I use a 10 ml or 5 ml syringe and squirt the bryopsis with the tech M 2 to 3 times a week. monitor your Mag levels to ensure you do not raise your mag to much but unlikely. im just cautious . do that for a few weeks or until algae is dead and gone
  12. Adrock

    Cali Kid Tuesday Sale

    funny thing that this guy spelled San Diego wrong in his profile .....must be chance lol
  13. Adrock

    Cali Kid Tuesday Sale

    really cause when you told me I was in the Lars Booth with a witness and we spoke about it for some time so lets be honest here .I even mentioned you should talk to Ben. Did I not? correct me if I am wrong. the piece's at the show for the price are larger than what you get from any of the...
  14. Adrock

    Cali Kid Tuesday Sale

    I feel if you like it buy it if not , then you don't buy it. there's no need to point fingers or to try to tarnish some ones reputation. go to the J.F. page and buy it, if you are worried about lineage. Better yet speak to the vendor about it. I know going around max trash talking does no good...
  15. Adrock

    Cali Kid Tuesday Sale

    lol obvious a troll account, coming out the wood work I guess haters are going to hate
  16. Adrock

    Cali Kid Tuesday Sale very surprised that you are even posting a comment , specially when the story you were telling at MAX was that Ben informed you first that he made the mistake on the not really lineage fraud if the vendor corrects himself from his mistake because you didn't catch it. I think...
  17. Adrock

    Cali Kid Tuesday Sale

    D@mn you take good pictures Cali Kid:nod:
  18. Adrock

    The Official "Who's-Bringing-What" to MAX thread

    pciscott, this is a D@mn good post, we may not see eye to eye ...hell you may not like me but I must give props and respect. Scott is no dummy and a very good business man so +1 Scott very good points and insight from a customer much respect
  19. Adrock

    The Official "Who's-Bringing-What" to MAX thread

    gumbii drives a Honda rice rocket not a doge charger jejeje