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  1. jessesoto33

    !!!10% to 20% OFF!!! A few High end Corals and Dry Goods for sale !!!10% to 20% OFF!!!

    20% OFF ALL ZOA and 10% OFF Dry Gods Hello fellow Reefers, I got a few high end Corals, and some Dry goods that I’m selling. I am willing to ship dry goods, and I’m sure we can work something out as for as delivering or meeting up half ways for coral. Sorry for some of the iPhone pics. PM is...
  2. jessesoto33

    Zoa package

    Sorry for some bad pics PM is Key 1. ButtKisser 1p 2. CK Zoa Electra 2p 3. Vamps 1p+1 baby 4. Rainbow incinerator 2p 5. Pink hippo 1p 6. Pink diamonds 2p 7. Playboy bunnies 2p 8. CK Gold Maul Morph 2p 9. Purple monsters 8p $150 delivered To LA, OC, RC, IE, LB Sent from my iPhone...
  3. jessesoto33

    Sharing is caring

    One of my favorite Acros to date Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. jessesoto33

    20% OFF LAST HOURS SALE !!! -Summer Sale 2.0- 20% OFF LAST HOURS SALE !!!

    Free delivery this Sat Aug 3rd from Palm Springs to LA, LB, IE, OC, RC and in between with at least a $35 purchase 1. Space invader $45 5 available 2. Bi-Color Neon Green Hammer 3 head frag $45 3. Rare Shroom $125 4. Zoa Electra $25 pp 5. Purple monsters Zoa $10pp 6. Rare pink tip...
  5. jessesoto33

    Summer sale

    I have a few corals for sale and will be delivering for free with at least a $35 purchase, from Coachella Valley to IE, LA, OC, RC and in between on Saturday July 20th I am willing to trade for high end corals and a calcium reactor LMK. 1. GB Buttkissers $40pp 5 available and a 2 polyp frag...
  6. jessesoto33

    Selling a few corals 20%-50%off

    PM for pick up or delivery 1. Tri Color Lobo $100 20%off $80 2. Pink Tip Frog Spawn $200 Per small head 50%off $100 3. Fascination/candy corn favia $50 20%off $40 2 available 4. Neon bi-color hammer almost 2 heads $50 $20%off $40 5. Pink Goni $150 20%off $120 6. nympho Zoa $50pp...
  7. jessesoto33

    5'' Copperband Butterfly Fish $40

    hard to get a pic shes in the sump but fully healthy and fat
  8. jessesoto33

    Easter sale

    Easter Sale I’m gonna be doing a free delivery again this Sat 20th with a minimum purchase of $30 from Palm Springs to IE, LA, LB, OC, RC and in between, Like alway pics do no justice. Happy Easter 1. Nice chunks of Space Invader $65-$80 5 frags available 2. CK Fruit Loops Chalice 4 1/2”...
  9. jessesoto33

    nice find

    Hello fellow reefers just wanted to share mine sweet find in back of my rock. heres the story, awhile back i would say about 6 months ago i sold all my aussie gold torches and was regretting it, but low and behold it must have spawned because about 2 months ago i saw a bright yellow feather...
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  11. jessesoto33

    Thanksgiving sale

    I’m feeling thankful today and am practically giving away coral and dry goods I might do a free delivery this Sat 1. JF HomeWrecker mini colony $649 OBO 2. TSA Rainbow Fusion $189 3. ARC FireWorks $169 4. Walt Disney $89 5. JKR Walt Disney $99 6. RRU Rainbow Fusion $399 7. RRU...
  12. jessesoto33

    Sharing is caring

    Done! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. jessesoto33

    Fire Stix For Sale

    High End Stix For Sale for those stick heads, must have Acros collectors edition. Free delivery from Palm Springs to LA, LB, OC, RC, and IE on Saturday November 3rd with a $50 purchase or more. PM is Key First up is 1. JF HomeWrecker mini colony 7+branches $1199 Fire Sale $749 2. TSA Rainbow...
  14. jessesoto33

    Temperature went up to 89.6 Fahrenheit

    What a big dummy! I did a water change late night and when I turned my heater back on I didnt put it on Auto, I put it on On and went to sleep. When I woke up to my Apex notifications txt I notice my temp was 89.6 F almost 90 Degrees Fahrenheit. So my question is why didnt any corals die? I...
  15. jessesoto33

    Free coral delivery

    FREE CORAL DELIVERY TO SOUTHERN CALI FROM Palm Springs to LA, LB, OC, IE, and RC. With a minimum purchase of $35 this Sat Sept 1st PM is key. Much better pics so you see what your getting. 1. RRUSA Rainbow Blossom Acro retail Price $888 Sale price $325 Mother NFS Frag 2. RRUSA Fire Storm...
  16. jessesoto33

    PURGE in tank AFEW treatment

    Has anybody used this product? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  17. jessesoto33

    Just learning how to take pics after 11 years lol

    Well finally got a pro to teach me how to take pics just throwing some eye candy to see how they look on the internet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  18. jessesoto33

    Bayer Advanced for coral dipping

    Is this the right stuff? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  19. jessesoto33

    Summer Coral Sale

    will be doing a free delivery on Saturday September 1st with at least a $30 purchase from Palm Springs to LA, LB, IE, OC, and RC. I still dont know how to take good pics sorry but all coral is very healthy and colorful PM is Key SPS 1. RRUSA Rainbow Blossom 1/2 $350 2 Frags available 2...
  20. jessesoto33

    ? Hanna checkers ?

    Has anyone used Hanna Checker Iron and Iodine? was gonna make a purchase but am waiting to see some kind of feedback.