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  1. Adrock

    Hola chola

    Hi where is gumbii
  2. Adrock

    ZOa id Help

    ok I got one for you pro's since im not good at this thanks
  3. Adrock

    chalice id`

    I believe it is a my Miami but not sure wanted to post for sale but also wanted to get the right id
  4. Adrock

    zoa id :)

    any one seen these before ? and or have a name thanks for the help guys
  5. Adrock

    Do clown Fish Have Lungs?....... they do not!
  6. Adrock

    My Blue Line Scribble Rabbit Fish Super Male From Fiji!

    THIS BOY IS AWESOME check em out what do u guys think?!!!
  7. Adrock

    what is this ?

    I have a few possible ideas but would like SCR's Input! the help would be appreciated!
  8. Adrock

    A Must See!!!! Multi Colored Rainbow Fungia!

    this is a hot gem haven't seen one like this !!! this fungia has a a great color variation and is unique one of a kind this gem is going for 400.00 please pm me or just plain old ask any questions you may have
  9. Adrock

    Dragon Ball Z 16+ head sale!!!!!

    we have a bunch of these 16+ heads on this frag im willing to do the frag for 70 bucks that's less than 5 bucks per polyp pm me with any questions you may have thank you
  10. Adrock

    Cornbred trash Mummy eye 3 g chalice 18+ eyes

    this is a beautiful piece don't let it pass you by!!!! 18+ eyes we are selling this large piece for 300.00 or I can cut into 1/4 and sell them @ 100.00 you choose please pm me with any questions you may have thank you...
  11. Adrock

    1 year Anniversary Celebration @ C.O.C.!!!!

    we are going to throw a 2 day celebration for our 1 yr Anniversary Celebration , Oct. 18-19, regular store hours 10 am to 6 pm both days. we will have a sale,guest speakers and demonstrations, all are welcome. We are trying to put together some awesome raffle items to be announced later. we are...
  12. Adrock

    Zoa ID

    what are these ? haha cant find them any where
  13. Adrock

    Paly id

    ok not sure if these are Dead pool a vdm morph , or VDM's or K.O. hehe they don't look like any of them but kinda do wth hehe any ideas guys or the ZOA GURU Noah he might now
  14. Adrock

    Zoa ID

    any ideas? they bright yellow w/ green & some black
  15. Adrock

    Coral Parasites !!! Acro Eating flat worms

    Acropora-eating Flatworm The Acropora Flatworm is a more aggressive species of flatworm that consumes the actual tissue of Acropora sp. corals at a rapid rate. This flatworm is harder to spot in your tank as it appears white to opaque in color, and is mostly oval in shape. They seem to prefer...
  16. Adrock

    i Found The Missing Lynk!

    hahaha Behold the infamous notorious Hard to find elusive scares Jeff Squatch found this out side C.O.C. near the dumpster going through my trash mumbling skimmer, chiller parts hmmmgrrrr fish food , ....Chalupa Batman....grow out comp hhhmmmgrrr
  17. Adrock

    Very Nice Pink and green Favia!

    30.00 for this frag wysiwyg
  18. Adrock

    Awesome Water melon Chalice!

    We have two frags of this had 4 now only two left, 65.00 each
  19. Adrock

    Crazy Ladies 14 + head mini colony SALE

    14+ Heads $225.00 great deal come and get it !
  20. Adrock

    ???!! Any one have some insight to this coral???! any ideas hahah ? I got some one texting me blaming me for this and are there any definitions to the term blue donkey?