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    Want to buy chaeto

    Hello, I am looking for some chaeto near Fullerton California. Please let me know if you have some for sale:) Thanks Henry
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    SPS Trimming

    Just pick up some frag from seller. He is one of the most generous guy I met. The tank and stunning and you won’t regret buying from him
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    Selling Klir-DI 4 Roller filter with 1 extra new roll

    Hello all, I am selling this roller filter, it has one 90% new roller mat and 1 brand new roller mat. Asking 100 Pick up in Fullerton 92833
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    Wtb Live Rotifers

    Hello all My two clownfish just lay eggs like 8 days ago and the egg is going to hatch… however I have no live rotifers on hand nor I have culture rotifers myself. Is anyone live in so cal has rotifer for sale or better yet give me tips and sell me the “starter” kit ? Many thanks
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    Marine Collectors and Ocean Devotion experience

    I bought a QTHippo tang from Eric and put into my DT directly… and he is very active and eating like a pig. PS all my other fish didn’t go through any 30 days QT… the Hippo Tang got spots here and there but never show any serious ICH outbreak… he is in my tank for about a mouth and I can see...
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    Possible ich

    +1 for velvet…do they swim towards the powerhead?
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    Biota Yellow Tangs at Reef Factory

    I got a yellow tang from him too… took a week for the fish to eat the nori
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    Biota Yellow Tangs at Reef Factory

    I really want to try keeping a pair of Dragonet… I will get a pod system on my own. Maybe I should ask him to get me a pair of those so I can try it out
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    Biota Yellow Tangs at Reef Factory

    And I think he has one purple tang in QT now
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    Biota Yellow Tangs at Reef Factory

    Oh if u guys can see I got the Blue star from him too super healthy
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    Biota Yellow Tangs at Reef Factory

    I got the small one
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    Biota Yellow Tangs at Reef Factory

    The owner of the store Sean is a really nice guy I personally got a few fish from him.. yellow tang, cleaner wrasses, magnificent foxface, Carpenter wrasses. All doing good in my tank
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    LF a 29 gallon stand

    Hello all, anyone has a used 29 gallon stand for sale in Orange County area… I need to set up a QT tank and don’t want to spend another 70 to buy a new setup. if u have a tank with the stand that will work too.. demension is 30L 19H 13.25W
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    Fish out of QT and available for sale

    Hello there how much is the copperbands?
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    Corals for sale!

    Interest in hellfire torch, PM sent
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    Looking for chaeto in south orange county

    Hello there, Do u still have chaeto for sale ?
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    Tank Breakdown equipment sale

    Hello there For the BRS reactor… does it come with the pipe and what size is the reactor?
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    Zoas and Mushroom

    Is the 3 polys space chaos still available?
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    Bounce Mushrooms, GMK, and more

    Hello can u let me know how much is the double GMK and infrared? I can come and pick them pick