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  1. fishy_mcfish

    Rbtas for sale

    I am looking to rehome two of my anemones. They are roughly 4” or so. $40 each or may consider trades for other corals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. fishy_mcfish

    25 gal IM lagoon setup for sale

    Tank is only a few months old an has one tiny scratch on the front that is barely visible. Has about 25 pounds of rock at least and will come with a jebao 3000 return pump, reef Breeder photon v2 fixture, all the corals in the pics, fish, sump, heater, apex, tunze auto top off. Asking $650...
  3. fishy_mcfish

    Zoas for sale

    Trying to do some rescaping so looking to move some zoas. I have bam bams, twizzlers, some purple hornets, rainbow sakuras, ck rings of Saturn, purple death Palys, tubbs blues and a few others I’m not sure of the names of them. Text me for better pics 909-347-9623 $5-30 on them depending on type...
  4. fishy_mcfish

    Hammer colony for trade

    I have a colony with about 13 heads. I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in trading for a Frogspawn colony? May be open to other corals or cash but I’m leaning towards wanting Frogspawn. Let me know what you guys have
  5. fishy_mcfish

    Gauging interest on mated spawning pair of clowns

    I have a pair of occellerais clowns that lay eggs every two to three weeks. The female is 3 plus inches big. They are fat and healthy and eat everything and host anemones. Only reason I want to get rid of them is so I can get a different pair of clowns, either some black and white clowns or some...
  6. fishy_mcfish

    Snake polyps for sale or trade

    Colony has about 12 heads, maybe more. Im open to offers cash or trade. They glow a nice neon green under blue lights. $30 since you rarely see these or open to trades
  7. fishy_mcfish

    Small snowflake eel for sale

    Its about 8-10 long and eating pieces of shrimp. Decided not to keep it. May consider trades for other fish or coral. Asking $25
  8. fishy_mcfish

    Zoa id

    Anyone know the names of these two zoas?
  9. fishy_mcfish

    Live rock for sale or trade...

    I have about 30-40 pounds of live rock that I need to get rid of. It has been sitting in a tote for a few weeks now. $1 a pound or trade for corals, fish, equipment etc. easy corals, common corals, “weed corals” such as Xenia and gsp lol etc...I’m easy.
  10. fishy_mcfish

    Looking for an ID on this coral

    I have watched this grow from about a quarter of the size of a pencil eraser until its current size now which is about the size of a nickel. I don't know what it is?? Kind of looks like a fungia plate but it grows Fran a branch structure like a torch or frogspawn. Anybody have any ideas on what...
  11. fishy_mcfish

    80 gal setup for sale

    Sadly I am thinking I'm ready to take a break from the hobby so my setup is up for sale. It's 80 gal glass tank with a 40 breeder as a simp. I have a DC return pump, a couple heaters a bubble magus nac 3 skimmer, about 80 pounds of live rock. A bunch of corals, 6 fish, 2 shrimps, extra salt mix...
  12. fishy_mcfish

    pair of orange skunk clowns

    Healthy and eating everyrhing from pellets to frozen mysis. Bigger one is almost 1 1/2" smaller one is 1" big. Asking $35 obo/trade
  13. fishy_mcfish

    tropical reef store in rancho

    Anybody know their hours today?
  14. fishy_mcfish

    WTB corals in the high desert

    Looking for corals close by, maybe in rancho or north fontana as well. I dont have anything particular in mind, im just getting my tank going and need something in it. Let me know what you guys have.
  15. fishy_mcfish

    Flame angel, clowns, cardinal, and more for sale

    flame angel is about 2 1/2-3 inches long for $30, also have a ocellaris clown pair, small one is a little over an ince and bigger one is about 1 1/2" for $25, medium banghai cardinal for $10, 3 green chromis for $10, 2 blue damsels and a white one all for $5 and last but not least I have a pink...
  16. fishy_mcfish

    Fluval edge stuffed with corals

    I have the 6 gallon fluval edge with led lighting and an extra marineland led light strip. I have about 5-8 pounds of live rock in it and some various corals. Blastos, Duncans, Acans, Tri color acro, pulsing xenia, some zoas and mushrooms, a neon green toadstool gsp, a bright green flower pot...
  17. fishy_mcfish

    lighting retrofit questions

    I currently have a 36" coralife aqualight pro fixture that has a 150watt halide and two 65w PC bulbs in it and I was thinking about gutting the fixture and possibly retrofitting it with LED's? How easy/hard would it be and what all would I need and what could I reuse out of the current fixture...
  18. fishy_mcfish

    40 gal breeder setup for sale...

    40 breeder drilled with beananimal overflow set up. has about a 30 gallon sump with return pump and some chaeto. has stand and a coralife aqualight pro metal halide/pc combo fixture with legs. Livestock included is: 2 orange occelaris clown 1 black and white clown 1 banghaii cardinal 3 green...
  19. fishy_mcfish

    xenias not growing

    I got some pulsing xenia about 3 months ago and they aren't spreading like fact they are not growing at all! They are full and healthy looking and pulse like crazy...they just don't what could cause this? I was always warned these things grow like
  20. fishy_mcfish

    corals for sale

    have to sell some corals to pay a bill...if I cant get these sold by tomorrow around 2 then I will Just keep them because three is my deadline to pay this bill.