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    Sold! Free Fish and Corals (Sort of)

    Nvmd, saw your other post.
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    Sold! Free Fish and Corals (Sort of)

    How big is the tank?
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    2 reef tanks for sale- jbj 65 gallon- 75 gallon

    Any major scratches on the JBJ?
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    Rose tip anemone FS

    It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for the beautiful healthy anemones. They bubbled up nicely in my tank. Great price and very friendly guy.
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    some corals fs

    It was nice meeting you, and thanks for the healthy frags. Your collection of corals are amazing. Will definitely be back for more.
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    some corals fs

    Pm sent on acan.
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    FS: RBTA

    Pm sent
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome, I’m also in Walnut. I just started salt water hobby in July of this year.
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    Sold4JC 60 Gallon Reef

    This must’ve cost a fortune. Beautiful setup and the tank is so colorful. Very nicely done.
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    WTB kryptonite candy cane

    I would love to have that, if he doesn’t want it.
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    some corals fs

    Do you still have any more RBTA?
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    Free frag of Pink nepthea

    Hi, Do you still have it? I would love to pick it up today if possible.