I want to talk about something I'm concerned about


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Aug 1, 2023
Indeed, once the deliveries start, the mining difficulty will skyrocket. Or, while you wait for that mining machine, the exchange rate might plummet, and you might not be able to recoup the cost of the equipment even in a few years. What if most people become concerned and unwilling to endure several months of mining difficulty increase? The cost of the equipment is typically calculated based on today's exchange rate for a one-year payback period, but now it's just one month. I suspect it has something to do with the miners. They might sell these machines and launch a GPU mining machine with a higher hash rate. In August, Bitmain will also release their own mining machine, and before that, it will mine itself to push the exchange rate to the lowest point. With a cost of three million, they will get the mining machine and hide it under the couch. Exactly, this might happen. The mining difficulty will rapidly rise, and the value of the tokens will plummet. Then, everything will fall into place.

All of this depends on the algorithm. Take RandomX as an example - processors perform far better than GPUs on the same coin. It doesn't matter if GPUs have more cores because this algorithm is CPU-bound. When it is shipped from China, the profitability will decrease to 1-2 years. That's why they are now pushing this token to get pre-orders from enthusiastic enthusiasts and then spend several months on delivery. Why would they sell these super-profitable devices? They will ship a few to livestreamers, while the supply for others will be very limited and delayed... Data shows that the lowest price for KS0 https://asicfinder.com/frontend/hardwares/iceriver-ks0-100g currently is $720, and I just want to congratulate those who have purchased and are already mining.

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