New to the Nano world. Will be frequenting this sub forum more.

Nov 11, 2015
Hey guys,

After a long break from the reef world in general, I'm finally shutting down my 225 lee mar and moving all my RBTAs into this 25 gallon IM Lagoon.

All 30-40 or so of my nems split from one single one I got from Su several years ago. They've been under only T5s since their genesis.

I have two 60 inch Build My LED 20K strips on my 60" ATI which I never use. I switched them on to 50% and turned off the T5 completely.

Surprisingly, the RBTAs opened up EVEN MORE than when they were under T5s. I was pretty floored when I saw this.

I plan on having them under LEDs only once I move them over. So I'm slowly acclimating them to the LEDs.

What are the major chemistry obstacles you guys face with tank volume under 40 gallons?

I suspect swings of any parameter could cause major issues.

I feel like larger volumes are much more forgiving when making mistakes.

Thanks for hearing me out