POTO + Reefs.com Live Sale 3/24 Friday 5pm - 10pm EST

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May 14, 2011
New York

POTO Reefs.com Live Sale is BACK!

No refreshing. No scrolling. Real-time inventory and live chatroom. No need to scroll through hundreds of pages to find photos of the corals that were posted.

How the Reefs.com Live Sale Works:
Starting at 5pm EST to 10pm EST on Friday 3/24, this page will automatically update with a new batch of corals, each with a link to purchase on our website. All corals are WYSIWYG, and first pay first serve. The only way to get access to those corals is by following the link we post here, as they will not be posted on our website. Once a coral is purchased, it will disappear from this page!

Remember: You don't have to refresh your browser. Products will be automatically added. Just sit back and relax (maybe not so much if you want to grab that coral you're after), and enjoy hanging out with other fellow reefers during this live sale.

It helps to have an account registered and be logged in as items in these sales sell out really fast.


We offer standard FedEx Overnight shipping at the following rates:
  • Shipping to the Tri-State area - Connecticut, New Jersey, New York: $25
  • Shipping to all other states: $50
There is no free shipping.

All orders must ship on Monday - Wednesday of the following week (3/27, 3/28, 3/29). You will get a chance to choose your shipping dates when you check-out.

We will not be able to hold any corals beyond these dates.

There is no need to prepaid for a shipping module. You simply pay shipping when you buy your first coral, and choose "Local Pickup or Combine with Existing Order" when you make a separate purchase after. All your orders for this Super Sale will be combined into one ship out.


Due to the amount of people purchasing frags, sometimes two people can place orders for the same coral at once. We will honor the order that comes through our website first. The other person will get the same frag if available or a refund.

Prior promos are not valid during the Live Sale, except for gift certificates.

All Purchases are final. No returns and no exchanges.

In the event of any product error, the information on website will be correct. Rules subject to change up to the start of the sale.

TEASERS coming soon.

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